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Productivity on the Go: Retractable Ethernet Cable



blue retractable ethernet cordThere was a time when a certain credit card was the thing to never leave home without, but things change… these days, many of us rarely set foot out the door without our laptops. After all, we want – or need – to connect to the World Wide Web just about anywhere we go, whether we're at business meetings, on campus, or just kicking back at a coffee shop.

There's only one downside to surfing the net while you're out and about: the bulky, cumbersome, and oftentimes knotted network cable that you need to drag along with you. But we've found a way to get around that little problem. At, we're enthusiastic fans of the auto-retractable Ethernet cord, which allows on-the-go Internet connection with zero cable clutter. Check out the ways in which a retractable CAT 5e cable can make life with your laptop easier and much more organized:


No more tangles.

It doesn't matter how well dressed or thoroughly prepared you are. The minute you delay a web presentation because you need to shake the kinks out of the Ethernet cord that's been wadded up in your attaché, the professional image you're trying to project goes down the tubes. Don't risk wasting your time – or anyone else's, for that matter. Play it safe – and tidy – with a self-contained CAT 5e cable that sets up in seconds, no untangling required. Now that's impressive.

It's protected against crushing and abrasion.

The longer you're on the move, the more chance there is for things in your laptop bag to bounce around and beat each other up. That nifty see-through plastic case doesn't just look sleek; it also acts as a mini suit of armor for your retractable network cable, to protect its insulation from abrasion damage, and prevent crushing (which can lead to signal failure).

A safe cable bend radius is maintained.

Network cables that are sharply bent or coiled too tightly during storage often suffer from attenuation, or signal loss. This type of cable damage can lead to two problems for you: a poor Ethernet connection (or even worse, none at all), and the expense and inconvenience of replacing a faulty cable. Our travel Ethernet cable solves the dilemma by automatically winding itself around the case's interior spool, which is sized to maintain a healthy degree of curvature for the cord while it isn't in use. Call us crazy, but we like to know that computer cables are going to work when we need them to.

Takes up far less space than standard Ethernet cables.

Our CAT 5e retractable Ethernet cable is housed in a compact case that's less than 0.5" thick, and measures only 4.25" long by 3" wide. If it's small enough to fit comfortably into your pocket, just imagine low little space it will occupy in your laptop case.

It gives you a “Plan B” when the Wi-Fi is down.

The widespread availability of wireless Internet access has spoiled us to the point that some people rely more on Wi-Fi cards than Ethernet cables. But even if you're accustomed to wireless Web connection, it never hurts to have a backup plan – just in case the Wi-Fi is out of commission. Travel-friendly network cables are also the perfect laptop accessories for business travelers who need to access the Internet in hotels and other unfamiliar facilities, which may leave you guessing (until you arrive) which type of Internet connection they provide.



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