Amphenol Hex Crimp Tools

Six Crimp Sizes to Choose From to Meet Your Unique Specifications and Needs

Amphenol CTL Hex Crimper

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Amphenol CTL Series Hex Crimp Tools

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about these crimp tools?

  • Designed to deliver the perfect crimp on a variety of coaxial cable
  • Hex crimp tools are ideal if your job calls for RG-58, RG-59, RG-6, F type, BNC, or Plenum connections
  • Multiple die sets included in each hex crimp tool for versatility without the need to swap any plates makes you more efficient
  • All-steel construction assures you thousands of sturdy crimps
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This is a complete cable preparation and crimping system which will allow you to terminate most coaxial and datacom connectors for all types of cables. The ergonomically designed shape of the tool will prevent your hand from tiring, while the sturdy design will ensure that this tool lasts for thousands of crimp cycles. The Amphenol CTL Series of hex crimping tools are sold complete with cushioned grip hand tool and die set, which makes this a one stop shop item for ease and efficiency.

  • Ergonomic handles and cushioned grips allow you to use your tool for long jobs with minimal, if any, hand fatigue and discomfort
  • Compound leverage action gives you the additional force behind each crimp, so you know your job was done correctly the first time, with no need for "re-dos"
  • Perfect complement to high quality Amphenol hex crimp connectors
  • A must have for technicians and installers of satellite and cable television
  • 90 day manufacturer's warranty


AMP-CTL-1 3-piece Crimp BNC, TNC RG58, 59, 62, Plenum 58, 59, 62 0.068, 0.213, 0.255 Click here PDF
AMP-CTL-2 3-piece Crimp BNC, TNC, 2-piece BNC RG6, 174, 188, 316, 179, 187 and
Belden 8281, 58, 59, 62, Plenum 58, 59, 62
0.178, 0.324, 0.068 Click here PDF
AMP-CTL-3 3-piece Crimp N 58, 8, 213, 214, Ethernet Cables 0.100, 0.429, 0.213 Click here PDF
AMP-CTL-11 Type N, 3-piece Crimp Belden 9913, 9914, TWB 4001, LMR-400 0.116, 0.429 Click here PDF
AMP-CTL-14 MMCX Crimp Belden 8281, 1694A, 734A 0.255, 0.319, 0.324, 0.042 square Click here PDF
AMP-CTL-15 BNC 3-piece Crimp, 75 ohm ATT 734A, 735A, Belden 8218 0.178, 0.187, 0.042 square Click here PDF


CTL Tool Series Cross Reference
MIL-T-22520 Die Sets 227-No. Die Sets
AMP-CTL-1  /5-11, -13 -1221-11, -13
AMP-CTL-2  /5-09 -1221-09 & -32
AMP-CTL-3  /5-57 -1221-25 & 57

Please Note: These products are Non-Cancellable Non-Returnable

AMP-CTL-1 Amphenol CTL-1 Hex Crimp Tool RG58, 59, 62, Plenum 58, 59, 62 8" x 4" x 1" 1.3 lbs
AMP-CTL-2 Amphenol CTL-2 Hex Crimp Tool RG6, 174, 188, 316, 179, 187 and
Belden 8281, 58, 59, 62, Plenum 58, 59, 62
8" x 4" x 1" 1.3 lbs
AMP-CTL-3 Amphenol CTL-3 Hex Crimp Tool 58, 8, 213, 214, Ethernet Cables 8" x 4" x 1" 1.3 lbs
AMP-CTL-11 Amphenol CTL-11 Hex Crimp Tool Belden 9913, 9914, TWB 4001, LMR-400 8" x 4" x 1" 1.3 lbs
AMP-CTL-14 Amphenol CTL-14 Hex Crimp Tool Belden 8281, 1694A, 734A 8" x 4" x 1" 1.3 lbs
AMP-CTL-15 Amphenol CTL-15 Hex Crimp Tool ATT 734A, 735A, Belden 8218 8" x 4" x 1" 1.3 lbs

UTP StripperEconomy UTP Stripper w/110 Punch Blade
Any network cabling project requires a Stripping Tool to make an easier task of stripping CAT 3, CAT 5e, or CAT 6 wires prior to assembly to a plug, jack, or punchdown block. Start with our economical UTP Stripper with a self-contained 110 punchdown blade tip.

ratcheting crimp toolRatchet Combo Modular Crimp Tool
A professional quality ratcheted data & telephone tool designed for precision termination of phone and data (Category 5) cabling. Cuts, strips & crimps flat phone and round UTP/STP cable (including 4-pair Cat 3, 5, 5e). Use on standard RJ11/12 and RJ45 WE/SS-Style Plugs.


bulk network cat5, cat6 cableBulk CAT 5E & CAT6 Cable
From per 50 FT
Marked by the foot for easy measurement, this bulk 4-pair Cat5e cable has 24 AWG solid copper conductors, high-density insulation, and a PVC jacket.

network patch cablesNetwork Patch Cables



Cable StripperPlatinum Tools Cat 5 Cable Jacket Stripper
Platinum Tools Cat 5 Cable Jacket Stripper was designed to take the guesswork out of stripping Cat 5 or Cat5e cables. This cable stripper allows the installer to work quickly, efficiently, and with little effort to reduce the amount of time spent at jobsites. This laborsaving tool is ideal for any network installer that works with Cat5/Cat5e cables throughout the day.

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Platinum Tools innovative Strain Relief boots are designed to be crimped with the EZ-RJ45® plugs/connectors, for a professional looking patch cord.

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