AFL® Fujikura® FSM-60S Core Alignment Fiber Optic Single Fusion Splicer

Automatically Creates Precise Fiber Splices for Professional Fiber InstallationProduct in Clearance

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What's special about this optical fiber splicer?

  • Uses a heat arc to join two optical fiber ends together, creating virtually lossless single runs of cable in just 39 seconds per splice
  • Simple, intuitive GUI guides you through the splicing process and provides an exact visual of the process as it happens, automatically reporting optical loss when complete
  • Heating module properly shrinks reinforced protection sleeves onto the splice to shield it from damage during installation
  • Ideal for professional fiber splicing for manufacturing, network installation, laboratory, and military communications applications
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RoHS Compliant

Using an accurately applied heat arc that also rids the fiber of any remaining dust and dirt, the Fujikura FSM-60S Fusion Splicer by AFL® joins two fiber ends in only 39 seconds, giving you a full view of the process in real time on its 4.1” TFT screen. The result is a clean splice with maximum light transmission, minimal optical loss, and top data performance for any application.

The Fujikura FSM-60S Fusion Splicer is out of stock,
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Replacement Parts
Part #DescriptionPrice
AFL-S014537JP-05 Splice Sleeve Cooling Tray
AFL-S014750CLAMP-S60D Sheath Clamp (pair):
8mm-16mm cleave for 900µm loose tube fiber
Batteries, Adapters and Power Cords
Part #DescriptionPrice
AFL-S014536ACC-14 AC Power Cord
  • Includes a multi-function worktable that increases the unit's stability and keeps all of your tools and supplies within reach
  • Accurate, automatic core alignment delivers the most accurate splice for unhindered data transmission
  • Heat arc cleans excess dust and dirt from the fiber, ensuring the least chance of contamination and optical loss
  • Fibers can be set either by sheath clamps or fiber holders, depending on the users skill level:
    • Fiber holders: Easier to load fiber without contamination for a less experienced user
    • Sheath clamps: Generally faster for the more experienced user in a high-density application
  • Sheath clamps and fiber holders are easily replaced with only a screwdriver for easy user maintenance
  • Compact, lightweight design makes this a great fiber splicer for accurate field work


Two different kits to accommodate your varying requirements

  S014531 Splicer Only Kit includes:

  • FSM-60S Fusion Splicer
  • AC Adapter
  • AC Cord
  • Spare Electrodes (Pair)
  • S60A Sheath Clamp
  • USB cable
  • Splicer Carrying Strap
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Video Instruction Manual
  • JP-05 Splice Sleeve Cooling Tray
  • Transit Case with Carrying Strap

 S014532 Splicer & Cleaver includes:

  • CT-30 Fiber Cleaver
  • FSM-60S Fusion Splicer
  • AC Adapter
  • AC Cord
  • Spare Electrodes (Pair)
  • S60A Sheath Clamp
  • USB cable
  • Splicer Carrying Strap
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Video Instruction Manual
  • JP-05 Splice Sleeve Cooling Tray
  • Transit Case with Carrying Strap


Applicable Fibers Single-mode (G.652 & G.657), Multimode (G.651), DS (G.653), NZDS (G.655)
Cladding Diameter 80μm to150μm
Coating Diameter 100μm to 1,000μm
Fiber Cleave Length 8 to 16mm with 250μm coating diameter, 16mm with 900μm coating diameter
Typical Average Splice Loss 0.02dB with SM, 0.01dB with MM, 0.04dB with DS, 0.04dB with NZDS, measured by cut-back method relevant to ITU-T and IEC standards
Splicing Time Typical 9 seconds with standard single-mode fiber
Arc Calibration Method Automatic, real-time and by using results of previous splice when in AUTO mode, manual arc calibration function available
Splicing Modes 100 preset and user programmable modes
Splice Loss Estimate Based upon dual camera core alignment data
Storage Capacity Up to 2000 results
Fiber Display X or Y, or both X and Y simultaneously; Front or rear monitor display options with automated image orientation
Magnification 300X for single X or Y view
187X for X and Y view
Viewing Method Dual cameras with 4.1 inch TFT color LCD monitor
Operating Condition 0 to 5,000m above sea level, 0 to 95% RH and -10 to 50° C respectively
Mechanical Proof Test 1.96 to 2.25N
Tube Heater Built-in tube heater with 30 heating modes; auto-start function
Tube Heating Time Typical 30 seconds with FP-03 sleeve
35 seconds with FP3 (40)
35-55 seconds with Fujikura micro sleeves
Protection Sleeve Length 60mm, 40mm, micro
Splice/Heat Cycles with Battery Typical 160 cycles with power save functions activated
Power Supply Auto voltage selection from 100 to 240V AC or 10 to 15V DC with ADC-11, 13.2V DC with BTR-08 battery
Terminals USB-B 1.1 (USB-B type)
Mini-DIN (6-pin) for HJS-02/03 and SH-8 tube heater
Wind Protection Maximum wind velocity of 15m/s. (34 mph)
Dimensions 5.3" W x 5.6" H x 6.3" D
(136 x 143 x 161 mm)
Weight 5.1 lbs (2.31 kg) with AC adapter
5.9 lbs (2.67 kg) with battery
Industry Standards RoHS Compliant
WEEE Compliant







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