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The Importance of Network Cable Management

Cable management is one of the most important factors in the overall efficiency, safety, and accessibility of your network. All network cabling, be it Ethernet, fiber, or A/V, has a bend radius that must be maintained for efficient energy flow. Think of it as you would think of making a turn while driving. The sharper the turn, the slower you must go. Improper cable installations have the potential to slow your network to a halt!

Poorly wired network equipment can also present a fire hazard. Dense unorganized cabling restricts the necessary airflow throughout your cabinets, trapping hot air inside and rendering even some of the most powerful cooling systems useless. Taking the time to organize your server room cables can increase component service life, prevent costly fire damage to your facility, and keep your personnel safe from harm.

When there is a problem, lackluster cable management can increase downtime many times more than necessary. IT technicians will have a very difficult time sorting through the thick spaghetti jungles to get to the root of the issue. This will lower productivity, increase stress, and contribute to an overall poor working environment. Organizing your cables at the time of installation will save hours of work and plenty of labor costs in the long run.

Since the server room is a seldom seen wing of your business, the level of its upkeep sends a strong message about the overall role that integrity plays in your business philosophy. Instead of shooing touring visitors past the server room, you will feel proud to invite them in for a peek. Not only will proper cable management improve efficiency and safety, but it is practically a work of modern art! offers the world's largest selection of quality network cable management products, and has a friendly and knowledgeable staff standing by to help you find the proper solution.

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