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Kurly Lock

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Richco Kurly Lock Ties

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about these cable clips?

  • Unique curled tabs wrap around each other to lock cables in place; simply twist to secure cables, and untwist for easy removals or additions
  • One twist has up to 20 lbs of tensile strength, for safe and secure fastening
  • Rounded edges protect cables and fingers from cuts and abrasions
  • Manufactured from Nylon 6.6 for added strength and resilience
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Organize and tame your cables or wires with the Kurly Lock by Richco. Securely fasten or remove your cords with one quick and easy twist of the wrist. Manufactured of Nylon 6.6 and available in a natural color, these twist locks will remain reusable for many years to come.

  • Reusable design saves money on overall material costs, as opposed to one-time use cable ties
  • Natural color blends in with any décor, but can be easily located on colored wires
  • Available in ten different sizes to accommodate the smallest diameter wire(.20" - .30") to the largest (1-13/16")
  • Flexible and durable, so they'll withstand years of rigorous use
  • UL Approved #E71558


RICHCO Kurly Lock Dimensions

Part # "A"
Wire Bundle
DIA ± 1/16" (1.6mm)
Approx. Total Height
KL-125 0.125" – 0.150" (3.2mm – 3.8mm) 0.48" (12.2mm)
KL-200 0.16" – 0.24" (4.1mm – 6.1mm) 0.82" (20.7mm)
KL-250 0.20" – 0.30" (5.1mm – 7.6mm) 0.91" (23.0mm)
KL-350 0.30" – 0.40" (7.6mm – 10.2mm) 1.03" (26.2mm)
KL-450 0.40" – 0.50" (10.2mm – 12.7mm) 1.20" (30.5mm)
KL-600 0.55" – 0.65" (14mm – 16.5mm) 1.25" (31.8mm)
KL-750 0.70" – 0.80" (17.8mm – 20.3mm) 1.52" (38.6mm)
KL-950 0.90" – 1.00" (22.9mm – 25.4mm) 1.75" (44.5mm)

Please Note: These products ship in 2 weeks

RI-KL-125-1000 Kurly Lock KL-125 (0.48" Height) 0.15" [3,8mm] 1,000 1 lb
RI-KL-200-100 Kurly Lock KL-200 (0.82" Height) 0.24" [6,1mm] 100 0.5 lb
RI-KL-200-1000 Kurly Lock KL-200 (0.82" Height) 0.24" [6,1mm] 1,000 3.0 lbs
RI-KL-250-100 Kurly Lock KL-250 (0.91" Height) 0.30" [7,6mm] 100 0.5 lb
RI-KL-250-1000 Kurly Lock KL-250 (0.91" Height) 0.30" [7,6mm] 1,000 3.0 lbs
RI-KL-350-100 Kurly Lock KL-350 (1.03" Height) 0.40" [10,2mm] 100 0.5 lb
RI-KL-350-1000 Kurly Lock KL-350 (1.03" Height) 0.40" [10,2mm] 1,000 3.0 lbs
RI-KL-450-100 Kurly Lock KL-450 (1.20" Height) 0.50" [12,7mm] 100 0.5 lb
RI-KL-450-1000 Kurly Lock KL-450 (1.20" Height) 0.50" [12,7mm] 1,000 3.0 lbs
RI-KL-600-100 Kurly Lock KL-600 (1.25" Height) 0.65" [16,5mm] 100 0.5 lb
RI-KL-600-1000 Kurly Lock KL-600 (1.25" Height) 0.65" [16,5mm] 1,000 3.0 lbs
RI-KL-750-100 Kurly Lock KL-750 (1.52" Height) 0.80" [20,3mm] 100 0.5 lb
RI-KL-750-1000 Kurly Lock KL-750 (1.52" Height) 0.80" [20,3mm] 1,000 3.0 lbs
RI-KL-950-100 Kurly Lock KL-950 (1.75" Height) 1.0" [25,4mm] 100 0.5 lb
RI-KL-950-1000 Kurly Lock KL-950 (1.75" Height) 1.0" [25,4mm] 1,000 3.0 lbs
Kurly Lock with Adhesive BaseKurly Lock with Adhesive Base
From / 100 pc
The Richco® Kurly Lock with Adhesive Base holds wires and cables by twisting the top ends together.
Twist LocksTwist Lock
From / 100 pc
The Richco® Twist Lock secures wire bundles with a twist. To remove or add to a wire bundle, simply untwist.
Dual End Twist LockDual End Twist Lock
From / 100 pc
The Richco® Dual End Twist Lock routes, separates, and organizes two bundles of wire or cable.
cable P-clampCable Clamps & Clips
Cable clamps provide one-piece bundling and mounting. Smooth, rounded internal edges protect wire insulation and are safe and comfortable to work with.

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