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What's special about these printer labels?

  • Prints high quality, high resolution magnetic labels using any K-Sun LABELShop printer
  • Allows you to change labels at any time without sticky residue, paint removal, or damage to the surface
  • Resists weather, water, acids, bases, and temperatures up to 175° F continuous
  • Ideal for many applications, from your refrigerator to your industrial vehicle

Creating magnetic labels generally requires sending your designs to a third party, which can result in long wait times, large minimum purchases, and a pretty good amount of money spent. This can be ok for large volume projects, but what if you don't need 10,000? This brilliant solution lets you use any LABELShop printer to create quality magnetic labels a la carte. The labels are polyester coated, so thermal transfer holds up for an average of 5 years, just like any other polyester label. Feel free to use these labels indoors and outdoors in some of the most extreme environments.

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KS-209MTBW Black on White 3/8" 13 ft
KS-212MTBW Black on White 1/2" 13 ft
KS-218MTBW Black on White 3/4" 13 ft
KS-224MTBW Black on White 1" 13 ft
KS-236MTBW Black on White 1-1/2" 13 ft
KS-209MTBY Black on Yellow 3/8" 13 ft
KS-212MTBY Black on Yellow 1/2" 13 ft
KS-218MTBY Black on Yellow 3/4" 13 ft
KS-224MTBY Black on Yellow 1" 13 ft

Property Value
Length 13 ft.
Thickness 0.12"
Life Span (Average) 5 years
Magnetic Properties
Compatible Surfaces Any Ferrous Metal
Maximum Energy Product (x10° Hauss Oersted) 1.35
Residual Induction (Br) (Gauss) 2300
Coercive Force (Hc) (Orsteds) 2040
Thermal Properties
Thermal Coefficient of Linear Expansion (x10^5/°C)
Flammability UL94 HB
Electrical Porperties
Volume Resistivity (OHMS CM X 10^13) 1.1
Dielectric Strength (Volts/Mil) 225
Chemical Properties
Weather Excellent
Water Excellent
Ozone Excellent
Dilute Acids Good
Dilute Bases Good
Oils & Common Solvents Poor
Environmental Properties
Storage Temperature 70°F (21°C)
Relative Humidity 40% to 50%
Application Temperature -30°F to 175°F (-30°C to 79°C)
Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength 1125
Density 3.65 g/cc
Physical Properties
Material Polyester Coated Magnetic Material




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