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Mini Solar Charger

Ultra Compact Multi-Device Solar Charger
Perfect for emergency charges when a mobile device's battery dies and you're not able to plug in, this tiny solar charger is small enough to fit in a pocket, so it's ideal for travel, and includes Samsung, Nokia and Sony cell phone connectors.

Solar Multi-Device Charger

Daytripper™ Solar Multi-Device Charger
Perfect for road trips, emergencies and power outages, this portable solar charger powers portable devices with the Sun's energy, and features an integrated LED that provides you with up to 5 hours of light on a single charge.

mini device charger, Power Tube, DO170-PT

Power Tube Mini Charger
Perfect for planning for emergencies or just ensuring that portable devices never run out of power unexpectedly, this pocket-sized power supply can be charged via computer (USB) or wall plug adapter, holds a charge for up to 30 days, and provides more than a full charge for most small devices.


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