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Cutter Drills

UPC 38083

Auger - D'VersiBIT® System
Wood-type auger bit with screw point. Pulls itself through wood, avoids walking or skidding. Excellent for drilling in soft woods or through thin sections. Slow back-taper allows for easy retrieval.


Bushings for Metal Stud Punch
From /100 pack
The perfect fit for pre punched 1-11/32" holes made by the 710 stud punch. Bushings are held in place by the triple lock design. These bushings make pulls easy and smooth.


Metal Stud Punches
Punch up through 20 gauge (0.9 mm) steel studs in one stroke. Aluminum head provides strength with minimum weight, reducing operator fatigue. Contoured handle design gives better operator leverage.

Hole Saws


Hole Saws, Arbors, and Pilot Draws
Greenlee's hole saws allow you to cut through steel, tin, aluminum, fiberglass, wood and plastic. The strong M42 alloy blades provide you with long lasting use and eliminate the need to constantly replace blades.

Hole Cutter Kits


Quick Draw Hydraulic Punch Driver and Kits
These punches are heat treated and hardened after it is sharpened to lengthen the life of the punch to an average of 10,000 holes in 10 Gauge Mild Steel, and it rotates over 180°to make working in tight working spaces easier.


Kwik Change™ Stainless Steel Hole Cutter Kit - 655
Cuts stainless steel quickly and easily. Kwik Change™ arbor makes changing cutter heads simple and easy. No more over-drilling thanks to flange stop. Sturdy construction makes for high performance and durability.


Kwik Change™ Stainless Steel Hole Cutter Kit - 660
An excellent hole cutter kit for mild steel, aluminum, copper and stainless steel jobs. Change heads easily, auto drill stop, high performance, and durable.


Slug-Buster® Ram and Hand Pump Hydraulic Driver Kits
The Greenlee Slug-Buster Ram and Hand Pump makes openings into 10 Gauge Mild Steel applications with ease and works 10 times faster than the wrench method.


Electrician/Plumber's Hole Saw Kits
Ideal for anyone in the electrical or plumbing industries. Each kit comes equipped with an assortment of the most commonly used variable pitch Hole Saw sizes and arbors.


Slug-Splitter® Knockout Punch Kit
This 16-piece set is strong enough to punch up to 10 gauge stainless steel and is versatile enough to be used for mild steel, aluminum and brass.


Slug-Splitter® Ram and Hand Pump Hydraulic Driver Punch Kit
This easy to operate pump driver can go through up to 10 gauge (3.5 mm) stainless steel, depending on the individual punch capacity rings. Model GL-7506 has an 11-ton hydraulic ram that can make a 1/2” to 2” opening.


Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kits
Several electrician’s kits available providing an assortment of the most commonly used Greenlee variable pitch hole saw sizes and arbors. High-impact, rugged plastic carrying case. High-impact, rugged plastic carrying case.


Crimping Die Carrying Case
The Greenlee 01082 is a steel carrying case for Greenlee Dies numbered KA22 and KC22 as well as the "U" style dies. Case is made of mild steel with spot welded hinge and is sturdy enough to stack other tools or tool boxes on top of it. /p>


Kwik Stepper Step Bits
Unique split tip design penetrates through steel faster. Resists walking or skidding, even on round surfaces. Balanced, double-flute construction requires less pressure, does the work for you.


Quick Draw Flex Driver Kit - 7706SB
Utilizes an impressive 8 tons of hydraulic force for punches made easy. It is compact, and lightweight make which lends itself well to fast, easy one-person operation.


Slug-Buster® Ram and Foot Pump Hydraulic Driver Kits
Allows the user to operate and still keep their hands free to handle other tasks. The Slug-Buster can cut openings in 10 Gauge Mild Steel and works 10 times faster than the wrench method.

Powered Punch Driver

6-Ton Battery Powered Punch Driver
Perfect for punching holes in areas that are cramped or difficult to maneuver in, this punch driver delivers 6 tons of force to create cutouts in steel with thicknesses up to 14 AWG, and features a rubber grip for comfortable and precise operation.



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