GEM GET-301-UT Universal Crimping Tool

This Crimp Tool is the Only One Of Its Kind. In The World

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GEM GET-301-UT Universal Crimping Tool

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about this crimp tool?

  • Innovative design has four dies instead of the industry standard three making it an invaluable part of your tool kit
  • Works with RG59 PVC and TFE, RG6 PVC and TFE and RG58 as well as Uni-Crimp BNC Plugs to use on just about any
  • Fits hex die sizes 0.320, 0.264 RG6 PVC, 0.250 RG59 PVC, RG6 TFE, 0.212 RG59 TFE, RG58 PVC
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This "gem" of a find will prove priceless as part of your tool kit. The GEM-301-UT Universal Crimp Tool is produced especially for Gem Electronics and is believed to be the only one of its kind in the world! This tool has four dies to crimp the widest variety of F, BNC & TNC connectors.

  • Strong construction for long life and durability
  • Yellow plastic grip handles make this tool easily identifiable in your tool bag
  • Ratchet mechanism allows for ease of use
  • Sturdy and built to last construction
  • Comfortable grip handles
  • Ratchet lever mechanism
  • Four different sized dies in one tool
  • Improved crimp retention ability due to the design of the ferrules that were designed to be used with this item
  • One year manufacturer warranty


This tool will crimp seven different cable types and when used with the GEM-301-00 Universal Connector will afford you a proven better cable retention. Although this tool may look similar to others, if you look closely you will see that it has four dies instead of the usual three thus giving you more options when on site.

WEIGHT: 1.7 lbs
DIMENSIONS: 11.5" L x 4-3/4" W x 3/4" D

RG59 PVC 20 AWG, RG59 TFE 20 AWG, RG59 PVC 22 AWG, RG59 TFE 22 AWG, RG 58 PVC, RG6 PVC, RG6 TFE

CRIMP DIE SIZES: Hex Style: .320, .264 RG6 PVC, .250 RG59 PVC, RG6 TFE, .212 RG59 TFE, RG58 PVC
.320 for crimping all cables to body of connector
.264 for crimping cable support area of RG6 PVC
.250 for crimping cable support area of RG59 PVC and RG6 Plenum
.212 for crimping cable support area of RG59 Plenum and RG58
GEM-GET-301-UT GEM Universal Crimp Connector 1.7 lbs



GEM-310-00 GEM Electronics Universal TNC Connector Plug 0.25 lbs
GEM-360-00 GEM Electronics Universal TNC Connector Jack 0.25 lbs
GEM-301-00 GEM Universal Connector 0.25 lbs
GEM-0459-2MBG GEM F Connector RG59 Hex Crimp (100 per bag) 1.09 lbs
GEM-0459-10BG GEM F Connector RG59-TFE Hex Crimp (100 per bag) 1.2 lbs
GEM-0406-1BG GEM F Connector RG-6 Hex Crimp (100 per bag) 1.05 lbs
GEM-0406-10BG GEM F Connector RG-6 TFE Hex Crimp (100 per bag) 1.2 lbs
GEM-0406-6GBG GEM F Connector RG-6 Hex Crimp w/ Gasket (100 per bag) 1.36 lbs
GEM-0406-6WPBG GEM F Connector RG-6 Hex Crimp Waterproof (100 per bag) 1.24 lbs

universal bnc connectorGem Electronics Universal Connector 301-00
This Universal Connector is the only one of its type in the world and will save you money in wasted trips to jobs only to find that you have carried the wrong connector.


Gem Electronics Power Thru BalunGem Electronics Power Thru Balun
The Gem Electronics CCTV Power-thru Balun is designed to transmit video signals and remote power through single UTP (unshielded twisted pair) cable. These baluns are used in pairs and allow users you reduce their cabling costs while still retaining picture quality.


RG6 coaxial cable Coaxial Cables
From / 500ft
f-type adapterConnectors

Amphenol hex crimperAmphenol Hex Crimp Tools
Equipped with 6 different hex-shaped dies, this crimper works particularly well with Amphenol connectors, and is a must-have for any tech who regularly works with coaxial cable.

f connectors and adaptersF Connector Series - GEM Electronics
From bag of 10
Designed to use a coax cable’s center conductor and dielectric as its signal carrier and insulator, this connector has excellent retention, and is ideal for the CATV market.

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