BRK First Alert Carbon Monoxide Detectors

CPSC Recommends at LEAST One CO Detector Near Sleeping Areas

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What's special about these carbon monoxide sensor?

  • Electrochemical sensor is the most accurate type of carbon monoxide sensor available
  • The dual function test button doubles as a silence button during unwanted, false, or low battery alerts
  • Alarm will “chirp” when the battery is low in power which means its time to replace the battery
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The BRK First Alert Carbon Monoxide Detectors are designed to warn you when there is toxic CO gas present in the air. CO gas is the leading cause of death by poisoning in the U.S. Everyone is at risk. Especially at risk are unborn babies, infants, senior citizens and people with coronary or respiratory problems.

CO alarms are becoming part of building code throughout the country. The full line includes 120V AC wired-in, 9V DC/battery operated, and 120 VAC plug-in models. Choose the model that meets the needs of your particular installation!

  • The Alarm Action Chart identifies what to do in the event the unit is in alarm
  • These are perfect for residential and institutional applications including sleeping rooms of hospitals, hotels, motels, dormitories and other multi-family dwellings as defined in standard NFPA 720
  • Models are all equipped with electrochemical CO sensor, an 85dB horn, a single button for test/silence and an LED power indicator
  • UL 2034 Rated
  • 5 year limited warranty


Operating Voltage 120V AC, 60 Hz w/ 9V battery backup
Operating Current 0.09 amps (standby/alarm)
Temp. Range 40°F (4°C) to 100°F (38°C)
Humidity Range 10% to 90% relative humidity (RH)
Audio Alarm 85dB at 10 feet
Test Button Electronically simulates carbon monoxide condition, causing the unit to alarm
Alarm Reset Automatic when CO clears. Press test/silence button to reset manually Automatic when CO clears.
Press test/silence button to reset manually
Interconnections 18 total with CO Alarms: CO5120PDBN, CO5120BN. Smoke Alarms: SC6120B, 4120, 4120B, 4120SB, 4120AB, 4120SAB, 2002RAC, 100S, 5919, and 5919TH. Heat Alarms: HD6135F, HD6135FB
Sensor n/a
Indicator LED AC power Constant Red LED
DC Power Intermittent Red LED
Local Alarm Red LED flashes rapidly, audio alarm
Remote Alarm Red LED out, audio alarm
Latching Alarm Red LED flashes every 5 seconds after local alarm stops, audio off
Listing UL 2034
Alarm Dimensions 5.40" dia x 1.86" H
Weight 7.3 oz
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CO5120 Carbon Monoxide Detector drawing






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