VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® is the Perfect Gift With Over 30 Uses and Counting

BY: Christina Hansen


VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® is ideal for organizing messy electronic wires and cables in your home workshop, appliance areas and garage. Works well in home theater installations and can be used in place of cord ties, clips and tape. Their uses don't just stop there! They are absolutely one of the most versatile products in our inventory. Here are 36 more great ideas


Garden and Outdoors

potted plants

  1. Use them to gently lash young trees and climbing plants to stakes in your yard or garden
  2. Wrap around flower stems to keep a bouquet together
  3. Temporary measure to secure a gate to keep it closed or open


Garage and Craft Room

  1. Hold together bundles of twine, ribbon or rope that aren’t on spools
  2. Keep jumper cables neat in your car trunk
  3. Wrap around extension cords so they stay organized on garage shelves or in closets




lady at work

  1. Wrap around sets of markers or colored pencils to keep them together
  2. Use different colors to color-code different kinds of stored cables, so you know if they go to your computer, home theater, etc…


  1. Use them to keep microphone cords wound between gigs or karaoke sessions
  2. Wrap around rolls of shelf paper and wrapping paper to keep them from unrolling
  3. Wrap around umbrellas to keep them closed
  4. Fasten holiday garlands around stair railings and banisters
  5. Fasten a wire brush to your grill, so it’s always handy for cleaning
  6. Loop one through the hole in your dustpan’s handle, so you can hang it on a hook
  7. Keep the leftover chopsticks from your Chinese takeout bundled together in your utensil drawer
  8. Loop through measuring cup or measuring spoon handles to keep the whole set together
  9. Wrap around paintbrush sets to keep them together
  10. Wrap your dog’s leash when it’s not in use


  1. Use different colors to color-code pairs of your kids’ socks, so they know whose are whose
  2. Attach a set of house keys to child’s school bag


Closet and Jewelry box

shoe boxes in a clothes closet

  1. Loop one around your scarf and through the tag on your coat, so your scarf doesn’t get lost
  2. Keep sets of bangle bracelets together in your drawer or jewelry box
  3. Use to loop together ponytail holders, or wrap into a loop, and then attach small jaw-style hairclips – everything will stay together and be easier to find
  4. Match up gloves and mittens in pairs before you store them
  5. Use straps to keep gloves or mittens snug around your wrists


  1. If you like to pack your clothes rolled up when you travel, put a VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® around each piece of clothing to keep it rolled – it makes it easier if you want to rearrange your suitcase without things coming undone
  2. Use them to keep your beach towel rolled up, so it’s easy to carry
  3. Wrap a brightly-colored one around your suitcase handle so it’s easier to recognize at the baggage claim
  4. When you’re traveling, roll up magazines so they fit more easily into your purse or book bag for in-flight reading
  5. Keep tarps rolled up when you go camping
  6. Hang up camping lantern
  7. Use straps to bundle together fishing poles when travelling
  8. Keep your umbrella secured to your lawn chair on sunny days
  9. In a small Ziploc or cosmetic bag store keep a single USB power wall adapter. Then throw in the wrapped USB power cables for your phone, iPod that you can interchange as I needed. Because they are tidy and organized with VELCRO® Brand straps you’ll never need to worry about cable clutter in your bag again. In addition a set of headphones and an audio jack cable should complete your travel cable bag.

runner crossing finish line

Fitness Enthusiasts


  1. Put  a spare house key on a ring, thread it onto a VELCRO® Brand wrap, and then wear it around your wrist, so you don’t have to carry a whole set of keys when you go out to run or walk the dog