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Cable Management, Desk Outlets

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Organize Cables Around Your Desk With Wiremold!

With the right cable management, you can transform your desk space into an efficient workstation. With all the technology that exists today, it is easy to develop a complex maze of wires in and around your desk. Luckily CableOrganizer.com specializes in ways to fix that. And, Wiremold has a bunch of fantastic products to transform things from a jumbled mess to a comprehensive system of cables and wires.

Cable Management and Desk Outlets

Everyone needs more power in their lives. Having additional outlets available at your desk is always a benefit, because it allows you to be as hooked up as you need to be. At home, it works for creating a space where you can utilize all the technology necessary to get your job done. At the office, it helps to organize an environment where more than one person may be utilizing the same area, meaning that more outlets are needed for double the devices!

Wiremold also carries products great for managing your in-home theater system. You can easily conceal wires that run from your flat screen TV to your in-wall home theater equipment. They are easy to use and install for anyone, no electrician needed! So, if you are going to have an extensive A/V network at home, you may as well make it look as professional as possible. And the good news is you can do it easily, efficiently, economically, and all on your own.

Back to desk space, smart wiring is the way to go. With Wiremold’s clamp-on desk power center, you can easily bring AC and USB charging power to your desktop. To further add to its benefits, you can choose whether you want to build it into your desk, sit it on the surface, or clamp it to the edge – whatever suits you best!

For office environments like conference rooms, Wiremold has a super powerful work surface portal desk outlet. It brings loads of power, data, and A/V connectivity to any conference table, making your office space a connectivity super power. With this, you’ll be able to avoid the scramble of finding enough outlets for all of your needs, because you will have added so much!

In today’s world, it is all about connectivity. With connectivity comes lots of cables. Managing them correctly and having the outlets to do it will make your home or office space neater and more efficient immediately.

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