VANCO Whole House Audio 6.2 & 7.2 Home Theater Wall Plates

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What's special about these Home Theater Wall Plates?

  • Convenient open port design combines an outlet for your home theater audio/video cables with speaker wire  connections into a single plate for a clean and professional-quality look
  • Available in both 6.2 and 7.2 speaker formats used by today’s receivers or home surround sound systems
  • Gold plated binding posts and RCA jacks provide improved performance and sound quality by reducing EM/RF interference that causes sound distortion
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This two-in-one wall plate allows you to connect your speaker wire directly to wall binding posts, and has a open port for running home audio and video cables to remote speakers or equipment.

Part #DescriptionDimensionsPrice
VAN-HTWP64BWWhole House Audio - Wide Port and 6.2 Home Theater Wall Plate8.5" W x 5" H x 1.7" D
(21.59 cm X 12.70 cm X 4.318 cm)
VAN-HTWP62BWWhole House Audio and 6.2 Home Theater Wall Plate6.5" W x 5" H x 1.25" D
(16.51 cm X 12.70 cm X 3.175 cm)
VAN-HTWP72BWWhole House Audio and 7.2 Home Theater Wall Plate8" W x 5" H x 1.25" D
(20.32 cm X12.70 cm X 3.175 cm)
  • 7/16” hex nut connectors provide a fast and easy way for connecting and securing stripped wire or banana plugs to the wall plate
  • Silk screen labeling for easy to read and understand connector identification  
  • Fits on either a four-gang J-box (wide port), triple gang J-box (standard port), or low voltage mounting bracket
  • Compatible with the Dolby® Digital Sound Systems used by today’s receivers and home theater systems
  • Binding post on both sides of the  wall plate require absolutely no soldering
  • Accepts up to 12 AWG wire


Ever wished that you could enjoy the custom professional quality home theater wall plates found in today’s modern homes? Well, now you can with Vanco’s patented Whole House Audio 6.2 and 7.2 Home Theater Wall Plates.

  6.2 Whole House Audio
Wall Plate-Wide Port
6.2 Whole House Audio
Wall Plate-Slim Port
7.2 Whole House Audio
Wall Plate-Slim Port
Package Content Wall Plate, Color Matched Installation Screws
Color White
Electric Box 4 Gang J-Box 3 Gang J-Box 4 Gang J-Box
Weight 0.95 lb 0.8 lb 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 8.5" W x 5" H x 1.7" D
(21.59 cm X 12.70 cm X 4.318 cm)
6.5" W x 5" H x 1.25" D
(16.51 cm X 12.70 cm X 3.175 cm)
8" W x 5" H x 1.25" D
(20.32 cm X12.70 cm X 3.175 cm)
Port Opening 3/4"D x 2-1/2"W 3/4"D x 1-9/16"W 3/4"D x 1-9/16"W
Front 1-Left / 1-Center / 1-Right 1-Left / 1-Center / 1-Right 1-Left / 1-Center / 1-Right
Middle 1-Left / 1-Right 1-Left / 1-Right 1-Left / 1-Right
Back 1-Center 1-Center 1-Left / 1-Right
Subwoofer 2 2 2

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