Vanco Digital HDMI™/DVI Video Selector A/B Switch

Get More From Your Already Amazing Home Theater System with a Switch!


What's special about this switch?

  • Allows you to connect (2) A/V components to your HDTV using (1) input
  • Simple plug and play installation goes from the box to home theater effortlessly
  • Lightweight and compact design takes up very little space
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If you struggle having to connect and disconnect your home theater components when you want to switch from one to another, this AB selector switch is your solution. VAN-280321 allows you to connect your satellite box , DVD player or other device to one high definition television display ( HDMI to HDMI, or DVI/Audio to DVI/Audio) by just pushing a button.

Part #DescriptionDimensionsWeightPrice
VAN-280321Vanco Digital HDMI/DVI video selector A/B switch8.75" H x 6.5" W x 1.5" D0.8 lb
Manufacturer Direct
  • Easy to use with the push of a button for a quick and easy setup, ideal for the technologically un-savvy!
  • Solely for switching device inputs as opposed to converting signals from one format to another or from digital to analog signals


Note: This is a switch only. It does not convert DVI format to HDMI or HDMI format to DVI.


Allows switching between two sources with like Inputs to the same Output only:

  • (2) HDMI Inputs to (1) HDMI Output
  • (2) DVI Inputs to (1) DVI Output
  • (2) Stereo Audio (Left and Right) Inputs to (1) Stereo Audio (Left and Right) Output
  • (2) Digital Audio RCA Inputs to (1) Digital Audio RCA Output


Why do I need a HDMI switch?
Anyone who has a HD monitor with less than the desired number of HDMI inputs can use an external HDMI switch to expand the system.






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