Triplett 2030-C Digital Multimeter

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  • 3 3/4 digit, 4000 count display
  • Auto/manual ranging
  • AC/DC Volts to 600V
  • AC/DC current to 400mA
  • Resistance to 40M ohms
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High-quality digital multimeters and multimeters probes are available from CableOrganizer. Search our selection of products and find automotive multimeter products, multimeters probes, BK multimeters, digital multimeter with frequency function equipment and other digital multimeters to find the high quality electronics you need. We carry Perry and BK multimeters. The autoranging 2030-C handheld digital multimeters are economical and used for general electrical, electronic, troubleshooting and repair work. It features a protective cover with rugged hinge design which can be completely folded back, or form a stand for better viewing. The unique "Power Slot" ensures that you turn your automotive multimeter tester off before closing the lid, therefore saving battery life. A handy wrist wrap is also included to make using an automotive multimeter easy.

"The Compact 2030-C has everything a Digital Multimeter needs in small, pocket-sized package. Built in test leads and a hinged cover allow the 2030-C to be completely enclosed while in your shirt or pants pocket."

Part #DescriptionDimensionsWeightPrice
TR-2030C2030-C Auto-Ranging, pocket size DMM3.2" x 4.8" x 0.8"
0.5 lb
  • CAT II 600V rating on voltage ranges
  • Capacitance test to 100uF
  • Frequency range to 10Khz
  • Duty cycle
  • Diode check
  • Continuity beeper
  • Relative mode
  • Data/ range hold
  • Auto Off power
  • CE rated
  • Low battery indicator
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty against defects


DC Voltage : 5(400mV to 600V) ; 1.0% rdg ± 3 digits
AC Voltage : 5(400mV to 600V) ; 1.5% rdg ± 5 digits
DC Current : 4(400µA to 4mA) ; 2.0% rdg ± 5digits
AC Current : 4( 400µA to 400mA) ; 2.5% rdg ± 5 digits
Frequency : 5(10Hz to 10KHz) : 0.02% rdg ± 2 digits
Resistance : 5(400Ω to 4MΩ) : 1.0% rdg ± 3 digits
1 (40MΩ) : 3.0% rdg ± 5 digits
Capacitance : 1(40nF) : 5.0% rdg ± 15 digits
3(400nF, 4µF, 40µF) : 2.5% rdg ± 10 digits
1(100µF) : 3.0% rdg ± 15 digits
Continuity : Yes
Diode Check : Yes
Total Ranges / Functions : 36
Overload Protection : 600V AC/DC Ω Ranges
Agency Approval : CE, CAT II 600V AC/DC
Digital Display : 3 3/4 Digit, 3400Count
Auto Polarity : Yes
Data Hold : Yes
Range Hold : Yes
Low Battery Indication : Yes
Auto Power Off : Yes
Battery (Included): 2- 1.5V , LR-44 or SR-44
Dimensions : 3.2" x 4.8 " x 0.8 "
Weight : 3.6 oz





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