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What's special about these GFCI and ELCI TRC® adapters?

  • Provides GFCI and ELCI protection to existing plugs helping to reduce the chanceof injury or death from electrical accidents
  • Easy installation to existing cables or outlets for a fast set up and little to no downtime
  • Complies with NEC building codes for temporary installations
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National Electro Code

GFCI & ELCI protection has played a major part in reducing the number of victims of electrical accidents, while at the same time protecting expensive equipment. The ShockShield GFCI and ShockShield ELCI protective add-ons are particularly easy to integrate with existing electrical cable runs; depending on your personal preference or the amount of room available at the receptacle, you can either remove the male connector, or insert an In-Line protector. Having these cost effective protective add-ons can help you avoid costly mistakes and protect your personnel.

TRC® RIGHT ANGLE User Attachable Plug
Part #Gfci / ElciVoltageResetGaugeWeightPrice
TRC-14880-002GFCI120V/15AManualN/A0.33 lb
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TRC-35190-001GFCI120V/15AAutoN/A0.33 lb
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TRC® IN-LINE User Attachables
Part #Gfci / ElciVoltageResetGaugeWeightPrice
TRC-25000-016GFCI120V/20A & 240V/20AManual12-18 AWG0.38 lb
Manufacturer Direct
TRC-25230-001GFCI120V/20AManual12-18 AWG0.38 lb
Manufacturer Direct
TRC-25040-101ELCI120V/20A & 240V/16AManualN/A0.38 lb
Manufacturer Direct
TRC-26140-010ELCI120V/20A & 240V/16AManualN/A0.38 lb
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  • Power is pointed out either by switch or lighted indicator
  • Trip response time is less than 25mS (milliseconds)
  • Made to last, 3000 operations minimum
  • Operating temperature ranges from –35º C to 66º C (-31º F to 150.8º F)



Part Number Volts/Amps Wire Size/Type Plug Type Trip Level GFCI/ELCI
TRC-14880-002 120V/15A 12-18 AWG NEMA 5-15 P 4-6 mA GFCI
TRC-35190-001 120V/15A 12-18 AWG NEMA 5-15 P 4-6 mA GFCI
TRC-25000-016 120/20A & 240V/20A 12-18 AWG N/A 4-6 mA GFCI
TRC-25230-001 120/20A 12-18 AWG N/A 4-6 mA GFCI
TRC-26140-010 120V/20A & 240V/20A 12-18 AWG N/A 30 mA ELCI
TRC-30050-003 240/20A 12-16 AWG N/A 4-6 mA GFCI
TRC-25040-101 120/20A & 240V/16A 12-18 AWG N/A 10 mA ELCI



Right Angle Plug: Simply remove your male connecting plug and replace it with the GFCI male connector.

In-Line: Cut your existing cable about 9 inches or more away from the male plug and install the In-Line to both ends.

For the non-familiar with this terminology, this can be a hard subject to tackle. GFCI or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters are inexpensive devices designed to prevent electrical accidents such as shock, unwanted fires, and even death. GFCI is designed to monitor all electricity flowing in a circuit, if the flow should be compromised in any way, the GFCI would immediately shut off the power before any electrocution can occur. GFCI is commonly used for the protection of personnel utilizing or working around electricity. A not so common form of protection is ELCI or Equipment Leakage Current Interrupters. ELCI is mostly used for electrical equipment protection and can provide protection for two, three or four wire circuits. It is largely available in 120V and 240V with load circuits up to 50A. Either of the type of devices will help you with protection in the workplace by saving you a lot of money and/or headaches.





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