ChordSavers™ StudioSaver™ Cord Covers

Finally, a Cord Cover That Blends into Your Decor

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What's special about this studio cord cover?

  • Decorative look to match any floors, including some wood finishes
  • Hard PVC provides great cord protection from foot traffic
  • Tacky non-skid rubber backing to secure in place prevents tripping hazards
  • Holds up to (6) 1/4” cables (XLR, guitar cables, audio/video cables) without insert
  • Comes in 36" (3 ft) lengths
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StudioSavers™ are a one of a kind item for protection and management of your wires. Made from thick PVC material they are able to withstand heavy foot traffic as well as small transport traffic such as office chairs, equipment cases and carts, cabinets, etc. The color choice is very wide and it even includes a stainable wood finish to match almost any kind of floor. The snap-on removable covers allow for interconnecting of the cord protectors to any desired length and the adhesive back double strip prevents any movement while StudioSavers™ lay on the floor.

Part #DescriptionColorLengthWeightPrice
CHS-STU-IND-007Wood Grain CoversSTAINABLE3 FT0.8 lb
Manufacturer Direct
Part #DescriptionWidthLengthColorPrice
WR-DST10-CLDouble Sided Tape3/4"10'Transparent
SBV-RH100Rubber-Based Adhesive Sticky Back® Velcro Hook 881"1'Transparent
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  • 2-piece adhesive non-slip strips means the cord cover stays in place.
  • Removable snap-on cover
  • Interlock to desired length, 100% modular to fit your needs.
  • Wide design holds more cables


Width Length Height Weight
2-3/8" 36" 5/8" 0.8 lb

Dimensions are per piece.






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