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Secure Your Cable Trays With Anchors, Rods and Brackets

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What's special about these hardware accessories for Snake Tray?

  • Anchors are pre-assembled for a fast and easy installation
  • Threaded rods are available in 1 to 8 foot lengths for hanging/suspending Snake Tray installations at a variety of levels
  • Additional washers, nuts and couplers also available to complete the install
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Complete your Snake Tray installation with these accessories to hang or suspend the cable system from walls ceilings, beams, and other structures. Anchors fit Snake Tray series 201 or 501 and are pre-assembled for a quick installation; they have also been tested for block, masonry and concrete base materials. Threaded rods come in several lengths so that Snake Trays can be suspended to whatever height is needed.

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Part #DescriptionQtyPrice
CM-CA-38Concrete Anchor1
CM-501-CAConcrete Anchor for 501 Series1
CM-TR-1Threaded Rod 3/8" X 12"1
CM-TR-2Threaded Rod 3/8" X 24"1
CM-TR-3Threaded Rod 3/8" X 36"1
CM-TR-4Threaded Rod 3/8" X 48"1
CM-TR-6Threaded Rod 3/8" X 72"1
CM-TR-8Threaded Rod 3/8" X 96"1
CM-TR-HBSHanger Bracket for Steel1
CM-TR-HBCHanger Bracket for Concrete1
CM-FW-38Washer, Zinc-Plated, 3/8"1
CM-HN-38Hex Nut, Zinc-Plated, 3/8"1
CM-RC-38Rod Coupling, Zinc-Plated, 3/8"1

Concrete AnchorsConcrete Anchors (CM-CA-38) & Concrete Anchor for 501 Series (CM-501-CA)
This stud-style anchor design allows easy through-type fastenings and can be set in bottomless holes. The anchor is pre-assembled to ensure an easy and fast installation. Anchor size is the same as drill bit size. Snake Tray has conducted comprehensive testing to guarantee high performance in block, masonry and concrete base materials. Our special Bulged middle section with round and diamond shaped opening design prevents the anchors from spinning in the hole. The anchor will not drop out while setting the overhead.


Threaded RodThreaded Rods
For overhead Snake Tray installations these pre-cut and pre-chased yellow zinc plated threaded rods are for overhead tray installations. The rods are all 3/8” 10/24 high strength steel as per ASTM A36 and available in 1’, 2’ ,3’, 4’,6’, and 8’ lengths. The rods are inserted through the patented Snake Eyes™ and secured with two 3/8” hex nuts and one flat washer. No additional mounting accessories are necessary.



Hanger Bracket for Threaded Rod SuspensionHanger Brackets for Threaded Rod Suspension
Hanger Bracket for powder-actuated fastening. Design allows for easy installation using any 8mm powder actuated fastening system. Available for both steel and concrete. The new versatile hanger that simplifies threaded rod suspension.




Threaded Rods
Part # Length Width Construction
CM-TR-1 12" 3/8" 10/24 high strength steel
CM-TR-2 24" 3/8" 10/24 high strength steel
CM-TR-3 36" 3/8" 10/24 high strength steel
CM-TR-4 48" 3/8" 10/24 high strength steel
CM-TR-6 72" 3/8" 10/24 high strength steel
CM-TR-8 96" 3/8" 10/24 high strength steel

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