Snake Tray® Connector Bolts, Waterfalls & Beam Clamps

Join Snake Tray® Sections to Lengthen the Layout

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What's special about these accessories from Snake Tray®?

  • Made of the same high strength, zinc-plated steel as the Snake Tray® cable tray systems
  • Connector bolts join Snake Tray® baskets to create longer lengths or form intersections
  • Waterfalls provide an exit point for cabling to enter a cabinet or simply drop from the cable tray system
  • Beam clamps work with 3/8" threaded rods to suspend 201 Series Snake Trays from the ceiling
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Complete your Snake Tray® cable tray installation by joinng all of the sections and intersections with connector bolts. Needing only one per connection, the bolts install quickly with a socket or Allen wrench. For smooth cable drops into either a cabinet or another level, install a waterfall with just a few cable ties.

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Connector Bolts
Part #DescriptionUsageQtyPrice
CM-CB-10Universal Tray Connector BoltOne per connection; provides mechanical & grounding connection1
CM-CB-12Universal Inline Connector BoltOne per connection; provides mechanical connection only1
Part #DescriptionFor Snake Tray&Reg; WithQtyPrice
CM-TO-2Cable Drop-Off Waterfall - 2"2" Loading Width1
CM-TO-3Cable Drop-Off Waterfall - 3"3" Loading Width1
CM-TO-425Cable Drop-Off Waterfall - 4-1/4"4-1/4" Loading Width1
CM-TO-5Cable Drop-Off Waterfall - 5"5" Loading Width1
CM-TO-6Cable Drop-Off Waterfall - 6"6" Loading Width1
Beam Clamp
Part #DescriptionQtyPrice
CM-BC-201-ABeam Clamp for 201 Series1
  • Connector bolts provide an easy method of joining tray sections, making installation a breeze
  • The Tray Connector Bolt (CM-CB-10) also gives a grounding connection
  • Waterfalls connect to trays with cable ties and offer a gentle 4" bend radius to prevent kinking
  • The Beam Clamp (CM-BC-201-A) secures the 201 Series Snake Tray either directly to a building or to a 3/8" threaded rod for suspension


Connector Bolts

Part # CM-CB-10 CM-CB-12
Quantity 1 1
Usage Join tray sections and provides grounding connection Join tray sections
Standards ANSI/NFPA 70/250 n/a



Part # CM-TO-2 CM-TO-3 CM-TO-425 CM-TO-5 CM-TO-6
Width of Tray 2" 3" 4-1/4" 5" 6"
Bend Radius 4" 4" 4" 4" 4"
Material High strength steel


Beam Clamp

Part # CM-BC-201-A
Quantity 1
For Tray Series 201 Single Snake Tray®
Accepts 3/8" threaded rod

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