RoboReel® Motorized Retractable Power Cord System Accessories

A Motorized Extension Cord Reel for Maximum Safety

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What's special about this motorized cord reel?

  • Automatically deploys and reels in a 50 ft (15.24 m) extension cord at the touch of a button, eliminating the inconvenience, mess and tripping hazards of manual reels
  • 360° turning radius prevents tangling and grants you the freedom to safely move about during use
  • Two versions to suit your varying needs:
    • Portable Version: May be floor mounted, wall mounted, or truck mounted with the use of the optional wall mount bracket (Part #GSI-203901)
    • Ceiling Mounted: Mountable to a ceiling beam (do not mount to ceiling tiles or drywall). Keeps the unit out of the way while allowing the cord to hang low for easy accessibility
  • Ideal for safe power deployment in any application, from homes and garages to auto repair shops and manufacturing plants
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The RoboReel® Automatic Extension Cord System provides the safest, easiest, and cleanest method for deploying an extension cord. At the touch of a button, this reel puts out up to 50 ft of a 12 gauge power cable. The unit may be mounted to many different surfaces and is available in a ceiling mount model. The unit also reels in automatically, eliminating the labor, mess, and cable damage of manual units.


Wall Mount Bracket
Part #DescriptionWeightPrice
GSI-203901RoboReel Wall Mount Bracket1.63 lbs (0.73 kg)
GSI-4023801RoboReel Bench Mount Bracket0.5 lb (0.22 kg)
Replacement Parts
Part #DescriptionWeightPrice
GSI-2048101RoboReel Power Cord9 lbs (4.08 kg)
GSI-2016701RoboReel Power Entry Cable: Runs from the RoboReel to your wall receptacle to supply power to the extension cord1.5 lbs (0.68 kg)
GSI-2054901RoboReel Ball Stopper: Replacement for the part that stops the plug from being sucked into the machine0.5 lb (0.22 kg)
GSI-4072301RoboReel Wear Ring0.2 lb (0.09 kg)
  • Optional wall bracket provides the perfect mounting apparatus, and features a padlock hasp for maximum security
  • Integrated redundant thermostat prevents cord overheating for increased fire protection and safety
  • If cable is ever obstructed during retraction or severed, the integrated 15A circuit breaker automatically stops the motor to prevent electric shock and other injuries
  • 10,000 retraction rating ensures a long service life, making the RoboReel a worthwhile investment
  • Damaged cords and several other parts can be easily replaced by the user, preventing costly repairs and long periods of downtime
  • Supports up to 3 plugs, allowing you to use just one unit for a multitude of power tools, electrical equipment, and other devices
  • Heavy duty construction and ease of use makes this cord reel ideal for manufacturing facilities, repair shops, home garages, and all other industrial, commercial, and residential environments


Properties Value
Voltage 120V
Wattage 1800W
Outlets 3
Cord Length 50 ft (15.24 m)
Current 15A (excess causes shut off)
Cord Gauge 12 gauge
Conductors 3 Copper
Cord Type SJEOW
Operating Temperature -31°F to 140°F
(-35.2°C to 60°C)
Weight 18 lbs (8.16 kg)
Dimensions 12" H x 15" W x 16" D
(30.48 x 38.1 x 40.64 cm)
Material Main Body: Valox
Bracket: Metal
Warranty 4 Years or 4,000 Winds
Industry Standards ETL






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Questions & Answers


Hi, can i buy this with European plugs instead of the American ones that it comes with? Thanks.

Asked by Anonymous user on 01/30/2017 10:10 AM

  • - Currently we only have the US plugs for this unit.

    Anonymous user on 02/1/2017 4:02 PM

is this available in the uk for uk use

Asked by Anonymous user on 05/9/2017 10:23 AM

  • - Hello, Unfortunately, this item is not available in the UK at this time and it's currently not suitable to use in the UK

    Anonymous user on 05/11/2017 1:10 PM

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