Richco Standard and Flame Retardant Slit Harness Wrap

Side Entry Harness Wrap to Bundle and Protect Your Cables

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What's special about this wire bundle wrap?

  • Bundles, organizes and protects your cables from abrasion and issues related to overbending
  • Equipped with slits throughout the sleeving, so that you can reroute and break out cables at any point along the length of your cable harness
  • Highly flexible for use in automation; prevents pinching or kinking of the cable while in use
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Thanks to its versatile properties, Richco's slit harness wrap is ideal for use in many industries. This easy to use side entry sleeving protects your cables against abrasion, kinking, and overbending. Ideal for use on fiber optic and copper cabling.

Flame Retardant Per Foot (Made of Nylon UL94)
Part #DiameterPrice / Foot
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Manufacturer Direct
Manufacturer Direct
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Flame Retardant - Bulk Spool (Made of Nylon UL94)
Part #DiameterSpool LengthPrice / Spool
SHR08V0-BULK3/8"328 FT
Manufacturer Direct
Non-Flame Retardant - Bulk Spool (Made of Polypropylene)
Part #DiameterSpool LengthPrice / Spool
SHR08PPB3/8"328 FT
Manufacturer Direct
SHR20PPB3/4"98 FT
Manufacturer Direct
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  • Unique design limits the bend radius of the installed cables, to prevent the slowing or elimination of data transmission
  • Flex-control design makes it ideal for use on fiber optic cables that are sensitive to bend radius
  • Cables are easy to install into this side entry sleeving with the specially designed slit harness tool
  • Available in 2 different types of material to suit your needs:
    • UL94 V0 Flame Retardant
    • PPB/Polypropylene (non flame retardant)
  • Used in many different industries, including:
    • Datacom
    • Telecom
    • Aerospace
    • Electrical
    • Office Automation


Slit harness wrap specs

Part # Dia. "A" Max. Bundle Dia. Wall "B" Spiral Spacing "C"
SHR08V0 0.31" (8mm) 0.39" (10mm) 0.032" (0.8mm) 0.39" (10mm)
SHR15V0 0.59" (15mm) 0.63" (16mm) 0.032" (0.8mm) 0.55" (14mm)
SHR20V0 0.79" (20mm) 0.90" (23mm) 0.035" (0.9mm) 0.67" (17mm)
SHR25V0 0.98" (25mm) 0.98" (25mm) 0.039" (1.0mm) 0.79" (20mm)
SHR32V0 1.25" (32mm) 1.25" (32mm) 0.050" (1.3mm) 0.980" (24.9mm)
SHR08PPB 0.31" (8mm) 0.39" (10mm) 0.032 (0.8mm) 0.39" (10mm)
SHR15PPB 0.59" (15mm) 0.63" (16mm) 0.032 (0.8mm) 0.55" (14mm)
SHR20PPB 0.79" (20mm) 0.90" (23mm) 0.035 (0.9mm) 0.67" (17mm)
SHR25PPB 0.98" (25mm) 0.98" (25mm) 0.039 (1.0mm) 0.79" (20mm)


Mechanical Properties Dimension DIN-ISOR R Values
Tensile Strength N/mm² 53455-527 80 ± 5
Elongation of breaking point % 53455-527 10 ± 2
Flexural strength N/mm² 53452-178 105 ± 10
Impact strength Kj/m² ASTM-D 256 5 ± 2
Physical Properties Dimension ASTM-ISOR R Values
Shore hardness Points D 2240-Type D 79 ± 2
Density KG/dm³ D 792-1183 1,16 ± 0,02
Melt flow index GRM/10min D 1238-1133 6 ± 2
Thermal Properties Dimension ASTM-ISOR R Values
Fusion temperature °C D 2117-1218 225
Plast temperature °C D 2990-899 > 212
Inflammability UL-94 - D 635 V-0
Thread 960 °C - - OK
Application temperature

-60 to +80
-60 to +150
General Properties Dimension ASTM-ISOR R Values
Grane humidity % D 570-1110 0,2 max
Heat treatment - - Yes
Color - - Black




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