Rack-a-Tiers Hoppy Bender

Revolutionize Your Manual Bending Capabilities

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What's special about this conduit bender?

  • Easy-to-read benchmark symbols and offset-degree scales are on opposite sides of the bender head making it simple to distinguish the measurements you need
  • Even the most complicated offsets, 3 & 4 point saddles, and 90° bends come out perfect and are completed in a fraction of the time it takes with other benders
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Part #DescriptionWeightPrice
RAT-57057Mechanical Swing Stop for 1/2" Hoppy Bender0.25 lb
Manufacturer Direct
RAT-57050LabHandle Label0.5 lb.
Quick Ship
Part #DescriptionProduct PreviewWeightPrice
RAT-570753/4" Hoppy Bender - **Handle Included**Rack-a-Tiers Hoppy Bender RAT-570756.5 lbs.
Manufacturer Direct
RAT-57075LabHandle LabelRack-a-Tiers Hoppy Bender RAT-57075Lab0.25 lb.
Manufacturer Direct

The use of a bender eliminates the need for transporting and stocking pre-formed elbows, which saves you time, money, and storage space. Because it's easy to use and comes equipped with a fixed-radius one-sweep design and cast-in symbols and measurements, even the novice on your team will be able to perform perfect bends.

  • Innovative "Stop" feature comes standard attached to the head and is used to create exact and repeatable bends every time
  • Multipliers, or numbers/ markings, are etched for permanent readings and make it simple to know where to place the stop
  • Standard 22.5° and 45° markers are engraved for commonly used bends
  • Thanks to the creative design, you can perform 3 point bends without having to reverse the conduit in the shoe for correct stop placement
  • Reference charts are actually printed on the handle for locating bend marks
  • Eliminate the need for expensive and bulky pre-formed elbows
  • Use to bend 1/2"or 3/4" EMT Conduit when installing wire or cable in new construction or retrofit
  • 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty


  • Traditional Bender - 83 Minutes vs. Hoppy Bender - 27 Minutes
  • Bright yellow handle makes it easy to find on jobsites
  • Steel handle is designed for strength and durability
  • Rugged iron bending head ensures your tool will last a long time
  • Engraved marking won't wear off in time







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