Interport - Power Data Center

Dual Power Outlets & Two Customizable Data Ports


Available Jacks for Open Ports
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What's special about Interport?

  • Unique design allows cables to remain connected while the unit is closed to hide plugs.
  • Made of molded plastic that is available in several finishes to match your table or décor.
  • Comes with 2 power outlets and 2 empty voice / data ports that utilize the included Voice/Data Adapter Kit for personalized configuration.
  • Even while open, the Interport is low profile; it is only 2" above the table to minimalize obstruction.
  • Comes with 6 ft, 15 Amp power cord to easily connect to standard power source.
  • Jacks not included
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ULCSA Approved

Interport is the first power/data center of its kind. Lift the lid, plug in and the computer power center keeps your cables organized and tidy. Leave this unique power center computer organizer open or closed, depending on how frequently you change your electrical cords. Slip the cords through the holes given on the door, keeping your lines optimal in desktop cable management. Use this power data center organizer throughout the office for maximum cord control.

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These units are made to order and ship in 2 weeks.

Part #DescriptionColor Sample *Price
BY-BE01525-S-X1-72Interport - Molded Transparentmolded transparent
BY-BE01525-S-F01-72Interport - Nickel Micanickel mica
BY-BE01525-S-F03-72Interport - Charcoal Micacharcoal mica
To see Installation Instructions, click here pdf

* Color sample is a representation only

Available Jacks for Open Ports
Data/Voice Jacks and Couplers
Part #ImageType/FeaturesColorPrice
BY-BE406372-2Interport - Power Data Center BY-BE406372-2Cat 5e RJ45 Data JackBlack
BY-BE555050-1Interport - Power Data Center BY-BE555050-1Cat 3 RJ11 Voice CouplerBlack
BY-BE555052-1Interport - Power Data Center BY-BE555052-1Cat 3 RJ45 Data CouplerBlack
Data/Voice Pre-Terminated Cables
Part #ImageType/FeaturesCord LengthPrice
BY-BE01278Interport - Power Data Center BY-BE01278Male/Male 8 Pin Data7 ft
BY-BE01279Interport - Power Data Center BY-BE01279Male/Male 6 Pin Voice7 ft
BY-BE01445Interport - Power Data Center BY-BE01445Female Cat5e Coupler/Male RJ-459 ft
BY-BE01445-6-120Interport - Power Data Center BY-BE01445-6-120Siemon Cat6 Female Coupler/Male RJ-4510 ft
BY-BE01445-6-72Interport - Power Data Center BY-BE01445-6-72Siemon Cat6 Female Coupler/Male RJ-456 ft
BY-BE01929Interport - Power Data Center BY-BE01929Panduit Cat 5e Female Coupler/Male RJ-459 ft
USB Pre-Terminated Cable
Part #ImageType/FeaturesCord LengthPrice
BY-BE02155-CInterport - Power Data Center BY-BE02155-CUSB 3.0 A Female to A Male Coupler6 ft
BY-BE02155-C-120Interport - Power Data Center BY-BE02155-C-120USB 3.0 A Female to A Male Coupler10 ft
BY-BE02156-CInterport - Power Data Center BY-BE02156-CFemale USB-B Coupler/USB Male4 ft
Part #ImageType/FeaturesCord LengthPrice
BY-BE02494-C-120Interport - Power Data Center BY-BE02494-C-120Female 3.5mm Mini /Male10 ft
Part #ImageType/FeaturesCord LengthPrice
BY-BE02493-120Interport - Power Data Center BY-BE02493-120Female Video DB15HD/Male DB15
10 ft
Retrofit USB Chargers
Part #ImageType/FeaturesCord LengthPrice
BY-BE03844-AV-72Interport - Power Data Center BY-BE03844-AV-72Retrofit USB Simplex ChargerWhite
BY-BE03844-C-72Interport - Power Data Center BY-BE03844-C-72Retrofit USB Simplex ChargerBlack
Part #ImageType/FeaturesOverall LengthColorPrice
BY-BE1018192Interport - Power Data Center BY-BE1018192HDMI Coupler21"Black, White
  • Stand alone or in modular multiples
  • May be in closed position while in use
  • 2 Simplexes
  • 6 ft., 15 Amp cord
  • 2 Voice/data ports
  • 1 Voice/data adapter kit to accept voice/data couplers and jack included.
  • UL Listed & CSA Certified (pending)
  • Available in molded colors, soft touch finish and film coating
  • Assembly required


Note: Adapters accommodate coupler/jacks by the following manufacturers. Click Here

ABOVE Desk Dimensions:5" W x 7" L
BELOW Desk Dimensions:4-1/2" x 6" L
HEIGHT Above Desk (open):2"


Installation Instruction

  1. Select the appropriate BE01421 voice/data adapter from the chart below (example: Avaya coupler/jack would use "AA" adapter). *Jacks & couplers sold separately. Note: Adapters accommodate coupler/jacks by the following manufacturers:

    AA .654 X .700 Avaya/AT&T
    AA .654 X .700 Lucent Technologies
    BB .594 x .792 AMP/Tyco Cat 5 / Panduit, Keystone Type
    BB .594 x .792 Allen Tel / Leviton
    CC .594 x .792 Amp/Tyco Cat 3 type
    CC .594 x .792 Krone Cat 5 / Hubbell Cat 5
    DD No Opening Blank (no coupler/jack)
    DD No Opening Blank (no coupler/jack)
    EE .665 x .930 Ortronics TracJack Cat 6/5E/5
    EE .665 x .930 Ortronics TracJack Cat 6/5E/5
    FF .626 x .660 Panduit Mini-Com Connectors
    FF .626 x .660 Panduit Mini-Com Connectors
    GG .953 Diameter Microphone jack/3-in XLR
    HH - 9 Pin Serial Adapter

  2. Snap voice/data jack into adapter following the instructions provided with the jack
  3. Once assembled, snap adapter into the notched, square holes in the orientation shown.
  4. If provided, snap adapter into any 1-3/8" x 2-3/4" opening.

Voice/Data communication




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Questions & Answers


Cutout size - The specified size of the BY-BE01525-S-C-72 does not agree with the Installation instructions available via the link. Looking for accurate cutout size information for this model.

Asked by Anonymous user on 01/21/2015 11:25 AM

  • - Thank your for your question. Unfortunately these are the only installation instructions that have been provided by the manufacturer.

    Fernando M. on 02/18/2015 12:00 PM

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