Platinum Tools® Xtender Pole™ Multi-Purpose Installation Tool

Significantly Increases the Safety and Convenience of Overhead Installations

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What's special about this installation tool?

  • Greatly improves safety and efficiency of overhead installations by eliminating the need for dangerous ladders, scaffolding or scissor lifts
  • Includes many attachments for common ceiling installations, including adapters for drills, drill bits, threaded rods, and hex bits
  • A drill can be attached directly to the pole, thereby retaining the speed of using power tools in many applications
  • Ideal for safely installing cable support systems, ceiling fan mounts, threaded rods, and more
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The Xtender Pole™ by Platinum Tools® is an impressive labor and time saving tool for professionals and DIYers alike. All but eliminating the need for heavy and dangerous ladders, scaffolds, and lifts, this pole is available in 12ft and 18ft models with several adapters for tackling your project, including an adapter that lets you attach your driver directly onto the pole for fast hardware installations.

PL-JH712 12ft Xtender Pole: Works with ceilings up to 18' H 12' x 1.5"
(354 x 3.81 cm)
4.2 lbs (1.90 kg)
PL-JH718 18ft Xtender Pole: Three 6ft sections, works with ceilings up to 24' H 18' x 1.5"
(548 x 3.81 cm)
6.3 lb (2.85 kg)



PL-JH701 Female Hex Adapter: Used with any 1/4" hex bit
PL-JH702 Open End 3/8" Adapter: Used to install threaded rods
PL-JH703 Female Open End 5/8" Adapter: Used to install ITW Buildex Sammy Super Screws® and Powers Vertigo™. Also can be used to install 1/2-20 and 3/8-16 threaded rods
PL-JH705 1/2" NPT Adapter: Used with thePL-JH975 installation tool or any other tool that requires 1/2"
National Pipe Thread
PL-JH975 Vertical and Angled Overhang Installation Tool: Used to install Vertical (PL-JH901-100) and Angled (PL-JH902-100) Overhangs
PL-JH901-100 Vertical Overhang:  Used to hang ceiling wire and jack chains, threaded rods, and eye lag screws onto 180° ceilings. Installed using PL-JH975, made of steel
PL-JH902-100 Angled Overhang: Used to hang ceiling wire and jack chains, threaded rods, and eye lag screws onto 45° ceilings. Installed using PL-JH975, made of steel

  • Anti-torque design prevents over-winding that can lead to increased costs and labor resulting from damaged materials
  • Aircraft quality aluminum construction makes the poles lightweight for easy maneuvering and great durability
  • Available in 2 sizes for varying applications
    • 12ft pole: Ships in (3) 4ft sections, recommended for ceilings no higher than 18ft
    • 18ft pole: Ships in (3) 6ft sections, recommended for ceilings no higher than 24ft
  • Proudly made in the USA US flag


Property Value
Maximum Ceiling Height PL-JH712: 18' (5.48 m)
PL-JH712: 24' (7.31 m)
Material Aircraft Quality Aluminum
Finish Anodized Black
Dimensions PL-JH712: 12' x 1.5" (354 x 3.81 cm)
Ideal for ceilings up to 18' (5.48 m)
PL-JH712: 18' x 1.5" (5.48 m x 3.81 cm)
Ideal for ceilings up to 24' (7.31 m)
Weight PL-JH712: 4.2 lbs (1.90 kg)
PL-JH712: 6.3 lb (2.85 kg)





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