Surface Raceways

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How Panduit Surface Raceways Improve Your Space Immediately

Cables. You can't live with them, and you can't live without them creating a mess all over your space. Not only are they unsightly, but if they are managed poorly, they will shorten the life of the wire and can even pose a threat for trips, falls, and injuries.

A fast and easy way to fix this dilemma is with Panduit surface raceways. carries a number of different types of raceways so that you can find one that works the best for you. If you are wondering what the difference is, here is a breakdown of the Panduit Raceways we carry.

The Panduit Pan-Way T-70 Cable Raceway

This versatile cable raceway is a non-metallic multi-channel capable surface raceway. It is ideal for routing, protecting, and concealing data, voice, video, fiber optic, and power cables. It has a rating of up to 600 volts and is built to last from impact resistant material. Set up is quick and easy with Snap-On faceplates for data and power applications.


The Panduit Pan-Way Hinged LDPH Raceway

A hinged raceway, this one is made of super-resistant PVC to keep people safe when they don't have proper training around cables and wiring. It has a hinged cover design - hence the name - so that it can remain open for easy cable placement. It is lightweight and easy to handle with a temper resistant design!


The Pan-Way LD Surface Raceway System from Panduit

If you are looking for a cable raceway option that is super easy to install, check out the LD surface raceway from Panduit. It actually comes with a pre-applied adhesive backing tape on both the inside and outside corners for ease of use. You can paint it too so that is perfectly matches whatever its background may be. It is also flame-resistance, which makes it great for rooms in your own home.


The Panduit FiberRunner Cable Routing Systems

This cable routing system is made with a rugged design in mind. It has a rigid, durable, and protective PVC construction that completely encloses and protects cables. Even while it has a strong design, it remains quick and easy to install, and you don't even need any tools! It also comes with a full line of accessories and joints with elbows, cross and tee sections so that you can design a surface raceway ideal for your own needs.

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