Panduit® P1™ Network Component Label Cassettes

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What's special about these labels for networking components and wall plates?

RoHS Compliant

When dealing with large network infrastructures, identifying what goes where can quickly become a confusing mess without the proper labeling. Panduit’s Network Component Labels for the Panther™ LS8E are the perfect solution for making networking components and faceplates easily recognizable, and helping you to identify which component connects to which jack or outlet, a feature that, in the end, can help cut down on installation time and costs.

P1 Polyolefin Label with Adhesive Cassette
Part #Label Labels Per RollColorPrice
PAN-C061X030FJC0.61" x 0.30"500Black on White
PAN-C125X030FJC1.25" x 0.30"200Black on White
PAN-C138X019FJC1.38" x 0.19"200Black on White
PAN-C188X030FJC1.88" x 0.30"150Black on White
PAN-C200X100FJC2" x 1"150Black on White
PAN-C252X030FJC2.52" x 0.30"125Black on White
PAN-C261X030FJC2.61" x 0.30"125Black on White
PAN-C379X030FJC3.79" x 0.30"75Black on White
P1 Polyester Label Cassettes
Part #Label Labels Per RollColorPrice
PAN-C195X040Y1C1.95" x 0.40"100Black on White
PAN-C261X035Y1C2.61" x 0.35"75Black on White
PAN-C282X030Y1C2.82" x 0.30"75Black on White
PAN-C288X040Y1C2.88" x 0.40"75Black on White
PAN-C390X030Y1C3.90" x 0.30"50Black on White
PAN-C750X050Y1C7.50" x 0.50"30Black on White
PAN-C788X050Y1C7.88" x 0.50"30Black on White
  • Cassette-style printing ensures your labels come out crisp, with clear and easy to identify legends
  • P1 cassettes contain an integrated memory device that tells you how many labels remain, remembers the last legend used, and automatically formats the P1 cassette to the thermal printer
  • Installation and removal of P1™ cassettes is a fast, easy, one step process, because each cassette contains both the ribbon and label material
  • Available in adhesive polyolefin and non-adhesive polyester styles for complementing a large range of networking and telecom components
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Temperature Range
    • Polyester: 0° to 275° F (-18° to 135° C)
    • Polyolefin: -50° to 120° F (-46° to 49° C)
  • Ideal Applications:




Part # Applications Material Width Height Labels
inches mm inches mm
PAN-C061X030FJC Surface Mount Boxes, Outlet Boxes, Faceplates, Patch Panels Polyolefin 0.61 15.49 0.30 7.62 500
PAN-C125X030FJC Surface Mount Boxes, Outlet Boxes, Faceplates, Patch Panels Polyolefin 1.25 31.75 0.30 7.62 200
PAN-C138X019FJC Jack Modules Polyolefin 1.38 35.05 0.19 4.83 200
PAN-C188X030FJC Faceplates Polyolefin 1.88 47.75 0.30 7.62 150
PAN-C195X040Y1C Faceplates Polyester 1.95 49.53 0.40 10.16 100
PAN-C200X100FJC Cable Marker Holder Polyolefin 2.00 50.8 1.00 25.4 150
PAN-C252X030FJC Surface Mount Boxes, Outlet Boxes, Faceplates, Patch Panels Polyolefin 2.52 64.01 0.30 7.62 125
PAN-C261X030FJC Faceplates, Patch Panels Polyolefin 2.61 66.29 0.30 7.62 125
PAN-C261X035Y1C Faceplates, Patch Panels Polyester 2.61 66.29 0.35 8.89 75
PAN-C282X030Y1C Faceplates, Patch Panels Polyester 2.82 71.63 0.30 7.62 75
PAN-C288X040Y1C Faceplates Polyester 2.88 73.15 0.40 10.16 75
PAN-C379X030FJC Faceplates Polyolefin 3.79 96.27 0.30 7.62 75
PAN-C390X030Y1C Patch Panels Polyester 3.90 99.06 0.30 7.62 50
PAN-C750X050Y1C 110 Punchdown Blocks Polyester 7.50 190.5 0.50 12.7 30
PAN-C788X050Y1C CAT6 Punchdown Blocks Polyester 7.88 200.15 0.50 12.7 30






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