Panduit® P1™ General Component Label Cassettes

General Purpose Identification for the Home, Office, or Business Environments

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RoHS Compliant

Panduit’s General Component Label Cassettes for the LS8E PanTher™ provide your home, business, or office with a fast and simple way to keep organized. The installation and use of these labels is a clean, one-step process thanks to both the label material and the ribbon being incorporated into a single, easy-to-use cassette.

Polyester Component Label Cassettes
Part #MaterialDimensionsLabels / CassetteColorPrice
PAN-C060X020YJCPolyester0.60" W 0.20" H750White
PAN-C100X025YJCPolyester1.00" W 0.25" H500White
PAN-C100X050YJCPolyester1.00" W 0.50" H500White
PAN-C150X075YJCPolyester1.50" W 0.75" H250White
PAN-C200X050YJCPolyester2.00" W 0.50" H200White
PAN-C200X100YJCPolyester2.00" W 1.00" H200White
PAN-C100X050YMCPolyester1.00" W 0.50" H500Silver
PAN-C200X100YMCPolyester2.00" W 1.00" H150Silver
Vinyl Cloth Label Cassettes
Part #MaterialDimensionsLabels / CassetteColorPrice
PAN-C100X050CBCVinyl Cloth1.00" W 0.50" H175White
PAN-C200X050CBCVinyl Cloth2.00" W 0.50"H50White

These component labels are available in two styles: Vinyl cloth for a reusable label that can be removed and repositioned several times, or a Polyester material for a stronger, longer lasting label that will not stretch or tear easily.

  • Fully functional, multi-purpose labels for identifying flat surfaces or other general areas and components
  • Available in a large range of sizes for labeling or bar-coding network or electronic components, control panels, circuit boards and other general purpose applications
  • Polyester type labels are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, and offer a high level of durability, temperature resistance, and dimensional stability
  • Vinyl cloth type labels are designed for general purpose use and provide excellent resistance to oil and abrasion
  • RoHS Compliant



 Temperature Range
Polyester -40° to 302° F (-40° to 150° C)
Vinyl Cloth -50° to 170° F (-46° to 77° C)


Part # Material Width Height Color Labels per Cassette
PAN-C060X020YJC Polyester 0.6" [15.24mm] 0.20" [5.08mm] White 750
PAN-C100X025YJC Polyester 1.00" [25.4mm] 0.25" [6.35mm] White 500
PAN-C100X050YJC Polyester 1.00" [25.4mm] 0.50" [12.7mm] White 500
PAN-C150X075YJC Polyester 1.50" [38.1mm] 0.75" [19.05mm] White 250
PAN-C200X050YJC Polyester 2.00" [50.8mm] 0.50" [12.7mm] White 200
PAN-C200X100YJC Polyester 2.00" [50.8mm] 1.00" [25.4mm] White 200
PAN-C100X050YMC Polyester 1.00" [25.4mm] 0.50" [12.7mm] Silver 500
PAN-C200X100YMC Polyester 2.00" [50.8mm] 1.00" [25.4mm] Silver 150
PAN-C100X050CBC Vinyl Cloth 1.00" [25.4mm] 0.50" [12.7mm] White 175
PAN-C200X050CBC Vinyl Cloth 2.00" [50.8mm] 0.50" [12.7mm] White 50






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