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We feature a wide variety of Panduit Cable Ties: Check out our offerings of Tak-Ty, Pan-Ty, Contour Ty, Sta-Strap and many more versatile Panduit tie options. Hook and loop ties, nylon cable ties, aluminum and stainless steel ties, releasable ties, screw mount clamp ties and more are all available from Panduit, a trusted manufacturer of networking solutions. We've also got Panduit cable tie mounts and cord clips, grommet edging, and a range of cable tie installation tools. Finally, the Panduit cable bundle organizing tool can help you get your cable bundles in order.

Find the Right Panduit Cable Ties for Any Job

Ever since the company began in 1955, it's been impossible to overlook the expertise and innovation that Panduit has contributed to the world of Cable Management. In addition to an impressive variety of surface raceways and cable managers, Panduit offers one of the most comprehensive and high-performance cable tie lines on the market. With nylon, aluminum, and stainless steel cable ties to help you mount cable bundles, label wires and even beat the elements, there's a Panduit cable tie to match just about any need. Below, we've outlined the specs, uses and features of each type of Panduit cable tie to help you best decide which kind is right for you.

Pan-Ty® Nylon Cable Ties:

Nylon Cable Ties

These have the classic cable tie design, and are made of the quintessential cable tie material: nylon. When it comes to bundling cables in non-extreme environments like homes, offices, garden sheds or classrooms, these are the perfect go-to solution. So if they're standard, what makes them so special? Well, for starters, Panduit's Pan-Ty® nylon cable ties have the lowest threading force of any comparable product on the market, which means that they're the easiest to install of any cable tie out there. Add that to the fact that they're UL-rated for flame resistance, come in a range of sizes from 4 to 14-1/2 inches, and can be linked together to form even longer lengths, and you've got the ideal all-purpose cable manager on your hands.

Pan-Ty® Marker and Flag Ties:

Marker and Flag Ties

Instead of bundling and labeling cables in two separate steps, save yourself time and money by rolling both jobs into one with Panduit's Pan-Ty® marker and flag ties. These little multi-taskers combine cables ties and wire markers into an easy to use, one-piece molded design that provides you with the means to organize and identify cables in as little time as it takes to cinch on a cable tie. Marker and flag ties have a UL 94 V-0 flame-resistance rating that makes them safe for use indoors, and make an excellent toolbox companion for electricians and network technicians who frequently need to ID cable bundles.

Pan-Ty® 6.6 Clamp Cable Ties:

6.6 Clamp Cable Ties

When the need to attach bundled cables to surfaces like walls, ceilings, server racks and control panels arises, be sure to reach for Nylon 6.6 Clamp cable ties from Panduit’s Pan-Ty® line. These ties stand out because of their unique heads, which feature holes to accommodate racks screws, nails or other fastening devices. They're ergonomically designed with curved tips for easy handling and fast threading, and with locking heads and 40lb tensile strength, you can rest assured that Pan-Ty® clamp cable ties will not break apart under the load of hanging cables. For indoor high-temperature applications (up to 230°F, or 115°C), Panduit also offers a heat-stabilized version of their Nylon 6.6 Clamp Cable Ties.

Pan-Alum™ MLT Series Aluminum Cable Ties:

MLT Series Aluminum Cable Ties

Who knew that a cable tie this tough could be so lightweight and flexible? The rugged Pan-Alum™ MLT series of aluminum cable ties from Panduit are UV-resistant, non-flammable, and can stand up to extreme hot and cold temperatures ranging from 212°F (100°C) all the way down to –112°F (-80°C). Edges are rounded to protect installers’ hands, and as far as colors go, you have the choice between traditional aluminum finish, black, red, blue, green and yellow (perfect for when you need to color-code).

Pan-Steel® Self-Locking Stainless Steel Cable Ties:

Self-Locking Stainless Steel Cable Ties

With the ability to withstand temperatures that range from –112°F (-80°C) to 1000°F (538°C) and excellent resistance to weather, chemicals and radiation, Pan-Steel® self locking stainless steel cable ties from Panduit are the ultimate choice for bundling cables and clamping hoses in high-temp and corrosive environments like aircraft and automotive engine bays, petrochemical plants, nuclear facilities, aerial cable runs, marine and railroads. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, Pan-Steel® ties have a tensile strength of 200 PSI, are nonflammable, can be used in direct burial applications, and have an estimated outdoor lifespan of 40 years. And contrary to their unyielding appearance, Panduit's stainless steel cable ties actually have rounded edges that make them safer and more comfortable for technicians to install, and prevent the ties from abrading or digging into cables and hoses.

Pan-Steel® Polyester Coated Stainless Steel Cable Ties:

Polyester Coated Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Thanks to an allover polyester coating, this version of Panduit's stainless steel cable ties not only stands up to corrosive chemicals, extreme temperatures and UV rays, but also overcomes prolonged exposure to vibration and salt spray. Ideal for jobs that require stainless steel cable ties to be in contact with various other metallic parts, the polyester coating greatly reduces the chance of corrosion-causing chemical reactions between incompatible metals. And with a tensile strength of 450 PSI, Pan-Steel® polyester-coated cable ties really hold up under pressure.

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