WireRun Rubber Cable Protectors

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What's Special About WireRun Cable Floor Covers?

  • Made of high-quality extruded solid rubber
  • Unique texture keeps it firmly attached to carpeting and reduces slippage
  • Available in 5ft and 10ft
  • Offers light-duty protection for cables and wires
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WireRun 5ft and 10ft high-quality solid rubber cable protectors offer light protection from pedestrian traffic. Perfect for home, office, retail centers, and anywhere else where you would like to protect cables from damage and also reduce the risk of trips and falls. There cord covers are available in 5ft and 10ft and come in a variety of colors (black, brown, and gray) to perfectly match your needs.

Part #DescriptionPrice
WR-CP-D-2-2.5WireRun 2.5ft Rubber Cable Protector
WR-CP-D-2-5WireRun 5ft Rubber Cable Protector
WR-CP-D-2-10WireRun 10ft Rubber Cable Protector
  • Made of high-quality extruded solid rubber
  • Lays flat within 72 hours
  • Available in 5ft and 10ft
  • Available in Black, Brown, and Gray in both sizes
  • Strong protection for light traffic
  • Unique texture helps keep it firmly attached to carpeting and reduces slippage.
  • A quick and easy solution to prevent slips and falls
  • Weather resistant, but not meant for long-term outdoor use
  • 3 channels, 1 split


(A) 3 1/4", (B) 3/4", (C) 3/4", (D) 1/2"

Cord Cover Dimensions
Part # Description Dimensions (Click on link for image) Weight Colors Available
WR-CP-D-2-5 WireRun 5ft Rubber Cable Protector 5' L, 3.25"W (A), 3/4"H (B) 5.25lbs Black, Brown, Gray
WR-CP-D-2-10 WireRun 10ft Rubber Cable Protector 10' L, 3.25"W (A), 3/4"H (B) 8.25lbs Black, Brown, Gray




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Questions & Answers


Does this come packaged all rolled up and if so, will it lay flat easily after unpacking?

Asked by Anonymous user on 03/26/2017 9:32 AM

  • - Hello, Yes, this comes rolled up in a small box to keep shipping prices down. The instructions to make your cord cover lay flat are; Made of high-quality extruded solid rubber, the WireRun rubber duct cable protector will take shape in time and should, after 72 hours, at room temperature naturally re-form into its original shape and lat flat. For immediate results, here are a few options: 1. Remove the cord cover from the packaging and try to extend as much as possible. Place in a warm area (Outside in sunlight, garage warehouse)for an extended period of time and the cord protector will become pliable and lay flat 2. Remove the cord cover from the packaging and place in hot water to let sit for at least 30 minutes. At that time the cord cover should be pliable to lay flat and let dry taking that shape. I hoe this helps.

    andrew b. on 03/27/2017 2:50 PM

Is this product OSHA approved?

Asked by Anonymous user on 07/13/2017 3:27 PM

  • - No these are not OSHA approved.

    andrew b. on 08/21/2017 1:56 PM

Is this product able to be cut down? If so any recommended solutions for cutting, i.e. scissors, box cutter, knife, etc.?

Asked by Anonymous user on 09/13/2017 11:23 AM

  • - Yes this is able to be cut. An easier solution may be to cut with a knife.

    Anonymous user on 09/13/2017 4:50 PM

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