RackStuds Cage Nut & Rack Screw Replacements

Ending Installation Frustration 1U at a Time

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What’s special about these rack screws?

  • Replaces cage nuts and screws with a much easier mounting system
  • Pops right into M5 and M6 holes for guaranteed compatibility with any modern rack or enclosure
  • Supports equipment while you spin the lock nut; no more constantly dropping nuts or having to reach around to hold equipment while you set screws
  • Installs from the front so there's no need to slide around behind the rail waiting for it to catch
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A product like the RackStuds only comes around once in a while. It's one of those ones that make you wonder why no one thought of it sooner. Network technicians and even home theater enthusiasts know the deal: ever so carefully inserting the cage nut while you struggle to hold up heavy equipment while you get the screw in. Even the most seasoned pro is bound to get more than a little annoyed. Now you can skip all that and get to the fun part (the end). Just snap in a RackStud, place your equipment, and screw it the lock nut.

Part #Rack Space CoveredQuantityPrice
  • Ideal for a quick and painless installation of anything you need to mount to a rack; network, security/surveillance, home theater equipment and more
Material Plastic
Average Shear Force 343lbs (156kgs)
Average Pull Out Number 101lbs (46kgs)
Average Push Out Number 202 lbs (92 kgs)
Vibration Testing MIL-STD-810G (method 541)
Load Capacity 44 lb (22kg) per 1U





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