IDEAL 44-970 Basic Lockout/Tagout Kit

Protect From the Sudden Release of Hazardous Energy While Performing Maintenance, Cleaning, or Servicing Equipment

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What's special about a basic lockout kit?

  • Basic selection of lockout / tagout devices for anyone working on live circuitry
  • Made in the USA with a 90 day warranty.
  • This kit includes: (1) small nylon zipper pouch featuring belt loops and rings to clip to belt or tool pouch, (2) hinged single-pole breaker lockouts, (1) universal 277V breaker lockout /single pole, (1) 480/600V breaker lockout, (1) wall switch lockout, (1) 3/4" red padlock, (1) 1" safety lockout hasp, (5) lockout tags – “Do Not Operate”, (1) universal multi-pole breaker lockout, (1) 110V plug lockout
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Part #DescriptionPack QuantityWeightPrice
ID-44-970Basic Lockout/Tagout Kit11.7 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
Individual Components
Part #DescriptionPack QuantityWeightPrice
ID-44-783Universal Multi-Pole Breaker Lockout10.1 lb
Manufacturer Direct
ID-44-789Wall Switch Lockout10.13 lb
Manufacturer Direct
ID-44-800Safety Lockout Hasp, 1" Jaw Diameter30.65 lb
Manufacturer Direct
ID-44-807480/600V Single-Throw / Multi-Pole Breaker Lockout10.16 lb
Manufacturer Direct
ID-44-809Universal 277V Single-Pole Breaker Lockout30.1 lb
Manufacturer Direct
ID-44-810Hinged Single-Pole Breaker Lockout30.1 lb
Manufacturer Direct
ID-44-818Plug Lockout, 110V, 2" x 2" x 3-1/2"10.13 lb
Manufacturer Direct
ID-44-833Heavy-Duty Lockout Tags
50.125 lb
Manufacturer Direct
ID-44-906Padlock, 2/3" Shackle, Red Bumper10.45 lb
Manufacturer Direct
The IDEAL Basic Lockout/Tagout Kit is a self protection device for anyone working on live circuits. Use of this kit guarantees that no one can liven the circuit. You lock it, you are protected. For the price of this kit, you can be confident you are protected from the sudden release of hazardous energy while performing maintenance, cleaning, or servicing activities on equipment. This kit is essential and can save your life if performed correctly.
IDEAL lockout kit
ID-44-810 Hinged Single-Pole Breaker Lockout
Hinged single-pole lockout with locking post design, locks lever in "Off" position to isolate and prevent breaker use
IDEAL hinged lockout
ID-44-809 Universal 277V Single-Pole Breaker Lockout
Hinged single-pole lockout with locking post design, locks lever in "Off" position to isolate and prevent breaker use. Universal model features unique screw clamp to lockout all single-pole breakers
IDEAL universal lockout
ID-44-807 - 480/600V Single-Throw / Multi-Pole Breaker Lockout
480/600V lockout device designed primarily for Square D single-throw/multi-pole circuit breaker switches.
IDEAL multi-pole lockout
ID-44-789 - Wall Switch Lockout
Fits standard wall-mounted single or three-way electrical switches. Locks switch in either "On" or "Off" position. Installs quickly using existing plate screws
IDEAL switch lockout
ID-44-906 - Padlock w/ Red Bumper, 3/4" Shackle
Rustproof, steel case with nickel-plated shackle withstands abuse and environmental hazards. Includes two brass keys. 1-1/2" wide lock with 9/32" shackle diameter.
IDEAL padlock
ID-44-800 - Safety Lockout Hasp w/ 1" Jaw Diameter
Allow up to six workers to lock out a single energy source. Rust proofed, plated and vinyl coated
IDEAL safety hasp
ID-44-833 - Heavy Duty Lockout Tags "Do Not Operate"
High-visibility lettering. Laminated plastic tags with non-fade legends resist corrosive and harsh environmental conditions. Write-on tag with 7/8" grommet can be padlocked to device to prevent unauthorized removal. Exceeds OSHA 50 lb. pullout requirement
IDEAL lockout tags
ID-44-783 - Universal Multi-Pole Breaker Lockout
Works with most major multi-pole breakers with tie bar type switches. Easy to install - thumbscrew secures and locks tie bar in place. No self-locking cable tie required.
IDEAL universal lockout
ID-44-818 - Plug Lockout, 110V
Accommodate a variety of electrical plug and cord sizes to prevent accidental connection or disconnection. Durable plastic body resists wear, chemicals and abuse. Accommodates cable ties or padlocks with up to 3/8" shackles. Dimensions: 2" x 2" x 3-1/2"
IDEAL plug lockout
Kit Weight: 1.7 lbs
Kit Dimensions: 10.5" L x 7.5" H x 3.5" W






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