Humanscale® NeatLinks™ Under Desk Cable Managers

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What's special about these desk cable managers?

  • Organizes and protects power strips and cables under your desk
  • Self-adhesive backing allows fast and easy installation by anyone; no professional skills required
  • May be mounted horizontally or vertically depending on the needs of your application
  • Several may be used in conjunction for maximum efficacy
  • Ideal for neat, safe & streamlined cable management in the home or office
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The NeatLinks under desk cable channel is the perfect solution for the modern human: fast & easy installation, great looks, and useful options. It is the latest member of the J-Channel series of cable managers. The 24" model is great for power strips & ballasts, while the 17" is ideal for cables only. Combine them if needed for the best results (see instructions). The J-style fit comes in handy when attaching either to walls, furniture, desks - especially underneath the surface. Each comes with adhesive backing for the quickest install and pre-drilled screw holes (screws included) for those who don't want to or can't use adhesives. This cable manager also sports a great looking textured finish and is available in black & silver to fit your environment.

Part #SizesApplicationsDimensionsFinishPrice
HS-NL17-SBNeatLinks - Small 17"Cables2.6" D x 17" LBlack
HS-NL17-SGNeatLinks - Small 17"Cables2.6" D x 17" LGray
HS-NL24-SBNeatLinks - Small 24"Cables2.6" D x 24" LBlack
HS-NL24-SGNeatLinks - Small 24"Cables2.6" D x 24" LGray
HS-NL17-LBNeatLinks - Large 17"Power Strips & Ballasts3.63" D x 17" LBlack
HS-NL17-LGNeatLinks - Large 17"Power Strips & Ballasts3.63" D x 17" LGray
HS-NL24-LBNeatLinks - Large 24"Power Strips & Ballasts3.63" D x 24" LBlack
HS-NL24-LGNeatLinks - Large 24"Power Strips & Ballasts3.63" D x 24" LGray
  • Facilitates under-desk cleaning by keeping all cords and power strips out of the way
  • Flame retardant material helps prevent fire
Property Value
Load Rating up to 8lbs
Adhesive Curing Time 72 hours
Est. Adhesive Life 10 Years (under 8lb load)
Material 50% recycled,
100% recyclable plastic
Dimensions Small: 2.6" D x 17" L
Large: 3.63" D x 24" L
Weight HS-NL17-SB: 0.36 lb
HS-NL24-SB: 0.48 lb
HS-NL17-LB: 0.41 lb
HS-NL24-LB: 0.59 lb
Warranty 15 Years






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