FSR® Desktop Wall Plate Mounts

Economical Desktop Connectivity for Dynamic Applications

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What's special about this surface mount box?

  • Let's you mount up to 4-gang standard wall plates on any work surface
  • Wall plates will accept a wide variety of connections, including FSR's own IPS plates and Simple Solutions inserts
  • Contains mounting feet that allow the unit to be moved freely about the surface
  • Cables exit through rear mounted IPS grommet or connector plates
  • Ideal for ideal for the classroom, laboratory, control room and many more

These desktop wall plate mounts are the perfect addition for anyone looking to unobtrusively integrate more components in their facility. These boxes allow you to conveniently bring connections from poke-thru devices, floor boxes or ceiling boxes, wherever they are, to your desktop. In certain applications, this will eliminate the need for expensive cutouts and greatly increase versatility.

Desk Boxes
Part #GangsRear IPS OpeningsPrice
FSR-DSKB-1G1(2) 1-space Openings
FSR-DSKB-2G2(2) 1-space Openings
FSR-DSKB-3G3(4) 1-space Openings
FSR-DSKB-4G4(4) 1-space Openings

Property Value
Material Steel
FSR-DSKB-1G 3.41 x 3.64 x 4.48" (86.61 x 92.46 x 113.79mm)
FSR-DSKB-2G 5.22 x 3.64 x 4.48" (132.59 x 92.46 x 113.79mm)
FSR-DSKB-3G 7.03 x 3.64 x 4.48" (178.56 x 92.46 x 113.79mm)
FSR-DSKB-4G 8.84 x 3.64 x 4.48" (224.54 x 92.46 x 113.79mm)

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