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What's special about this economical hinged wall mount rack?

  • Available in 6U, 9U, 12U, and 15U capacity
  • Ajustable 4-post mounting rails
  • Removable hinged wall plate
  • Lockable and reversible front door for opening to the left or right
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The ERWEN Series wall rack enclosures are an affordable wall mount cabinet solution with extra features which are typically found in racks at a more premium price. These rear hinged wall mount racks are designed to swing open to allow access to equipment cables that are terminated on the back of the rack. The adjustable rack rails also provide greater compatibility with mounted equipment.

Note: VMP Products cannot be returned if removed from Original Package unless Defective. Please be sure to review your packaged item before opening to make sure you received the correct product

Wall Mount Cabinet
Part #Rack UnitsDimensions (W x D x H)WeightSpecificationsPrice
VMP-ERWEN-6E624.3" x 21.9" x 14.5"50lbsPDF
VMP-ERWEN-9E924.3" x 21.9" x 19.9"54lbsPDF
VMP-ERWEN-12E1224.3" x 21.9" x 25.3"61.6lbsPDF
VMP-ERWEN-15E1524.3" x 21.9" x 30.5"71.3lbsPDF
Accessories for ERWEN Wall Rack
Part #DescriptionSpecificationsPrice
VMP-ERENSLSide Panel Lock Kit for EREN and ERWEN (2 Keys) 
VMP-ER-S1U4PVented 1U Adjustable Four Post ShelfPDF
VMP-ER-S1UVVented 1U Rack Shelf 14.75" DPDF
VMP-ER-S2USolid 2U Rack Shelf 14.75" DPDF
VMP-ER-S2UVVented 2U Rack Shelf 14.75" DPDF
VMP-ER-SS1U1U Sliding Keyboard ShelfPDF
VMP-ERWEN2FANKIT2 Fan Kit for ERWEN (Combined 180CFM)PDF
VMP-ERWENSD-1212U Solid Steel Door for ERWEN  
VMP-ERWENSD-1515U Solid Steel Door for ERWEN  
VMP-ERWENSD-99U Solid Steel Door for ERWEN  
  • Ships fully assembled
  • Welded steel construction
  • Numbered rails with 10-32 threading
  • Adjustable front and rear rails
  • Vented top and bottom with separate knockouts for cable routing
  • Removable hinged back panel
  • Load capacity 120lbs
  • Side Panels are lockable with additional purchase of item VMP-ERENSL
Product Dimensions Width 24.3" 24.3" 24.3" 24.3"
Depth 21.9" 21.9" 21.9" 21.9"
Height 14.5" 19.9" 25.3" 30.5"
Useable Depth 16" 16" 16" 16"
Product Weight 50lbs 54lbs 61.6lbs 71.3lbs
Shipping Dimensions Width 27" 27" 24.4" 24.4"
Depth 25" 25" 22.6" 22.6"
Height 18" 24" 26.1" 31.9"
Shipping Weight 57lbs 64lbs 69lbs 76lbs

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Questions & Answers


will a cisco switch fit in these cabinets? It says working depth is 16" but that's the depth of a switch. Still need room to bend a power cord in back and cables and fiber into the front.

Asked by Anonymous user on 09/19/2017 9:26 AM

  • - The rails can be moved to allow for about 4 inches of extra space. Your customer may want to consider our deeper wall cabinet- It is a 12U with 24? of usable depth VMP-ERWEN-12E750

    Anonymous user on 09/19/2017 2:43 PM

The image shows a glass front door but it isnt specified in the specifications. Does this cabinet have a glass front door?

Asked by Anonymous user on 12/21/2018 11:04 AM

  • - Hello, This 19" hinged wall mount cabinet comes with a removable hinged wall plate and a reversible glass front door.

    Anonymous user on 12/24/2018 10:27 AM

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