Caig DeoxIT® Electronic Cleaning Chemicals

Keep your connections clean & functional

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What's special about these connection cleaners?

  • Improve performance & reliability of your electronics
  • Designed to deoxidize, clean, and preserve all contacts
  • Can reduce intermitent connections & improve performance
  • Helps with wear & abrasion effects
  • Sold in Packs of 12 for your convenience
RoHS Compliant

Chemical contact cleaner, rejuvenator, conductivity enhancer and lubricant that dissolves oxidation and corrosion on metal surfaces. Enhances flow of electricity and chemically improves metal-to-metal connections/contacts. Improves connector performance/reliability. Temperature range: -34° to +200°C.

DeoxIT® D-Series
Part #DescriptionPDFPrice
CAI-D5S-6-12DeoxIT® D-Series D5 Spray Pack of 12
CAI-DN5S-6N-12DeoxIT® D-Series DN5 Spray / Non-Flammable Pack of 12
CAI-D100S-2-12DeoxIT® D-Series D100S Spray, 100% solution Pack of 12
DeoxIT® G-Series
Part #DescriptionPDFPrice
CAI-G5S-6-12DeoxIT® GOLD G5 Spray, 5% solution Pack of 12
CAI-G100P-12DeoxIT® GOLD G100 Spray, 100% solution Pack of 12
DeoxIT® S-Series
Part #DescriptionPDFPrice
CAI-S5S-6-12DeoxIT® Shield S5 Spray, 5% solution Pack of 12

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