Clarity5E Angled TracJack, T568A/B, 45°
OR-TJ5E45 Specifications

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Clarity5E Angled TracJack

Clarity5E Angled TracJack, ETL verified to TIA Category 5e component specification, is front-loading and front removable. New universal T568A/B wiring label and tapered wiring towers simplify termination. Center tuned to Clarity5E patch cords for significant performance above Category 5e.

Category Performance/ Application Category 5e/UTP
Footprint TracJack
Wiring Scheme T568 A/B
Number of Ports 1-port
Labeling & Identification YES
Height .92" (23.37 mm)
Width .73" (18.54 mm)
Depth 1.23" (31.24 mm)
Wire Gauge 22-26 AWG
UL Listing No. E131600
UL Standard UL 1863
CUL Standard UL 1863
CUL Listing No. E131600
FCC Standard Part 68
ETL Listing No. 3013270-003
ETL Standard, Tested To TIA/EIA:568:B 2 Category 5e
Product Type or Accessory Clarity5E Angled Jack


Construction Material Finish/Plating
Plastic TracJack Faceplate High Impact Thermoplastic ABS/polycarbonate 94V-0  
Array of six linear modular contacts Beryllium Copper Nickel plating and a minimum of 50 micro inches of selective gold plating in contact area
IDC contacts (Low noise) Phosphor bronze Nickel plating and tin lead over plate
Printed circuit board Two-sided FR-4 epoxy resin/glass base with solder mask  


 Features:  Benefits:
  • Angled design
  • ETL Verified to Category 5e component standard
  • Center tuned design
  • Easy lace IDC housing
  • Easy to follow universal wiring label
  • Front removable
  • Standard TracJack footprint
  • Icon compatible, with 5E Marking on jack face
  • Reduces profile of cord connection
  • Ensures standards compliance
  • Transparent interface with Clarity5E cords
  • Reduces wiring time
  • Quick, user-friendly, eliminates confusion
  • Less intrusive access for adds, moves, changes
  • Fits in all TracJack faceplates
  • Supports 606 designation requirements