Clarity5E TracJack, T568A/B, 180°
OR-TJ5E00 Specifications

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Clarity 5e TracJack

Clarity5E TracJack, ETL verified to TIA Category 5e component specification. Front-loading and front removable. New universal T568A/B wiring label and tapered wiring towers simplify termination. Center tuned to Clarity5E patch cords for significant performance above Category 5e.

Category Performance/ Application Category 5e/UTP
Footprint TracJack
Wiring Scheme T568 A/B
Number of Ports 2-port
Labeling & Identification YES
Height .92" (23.37 mm)
Width .73" (18.54 mm)
Depth 1.06" (26.92 mm)
Wire Gauge 22-26 AWG
UL Listing No. E131600
UL Standard UL 1863
CUL Standard UL 1863
CUL Listing No. E131600
FCC Standard Part 68
ETL Listing No. 3013270-003
ETL Standard, Tested To TIA/EIA:568:B 2-1 Category 6
Product Type or Accessory Clarity5E Jack


Construction Material Finish/Plating
Plastic TracJack Housing High Impact Thermoplastic ABS 94V-0  
Array of eight modular contacts (staggered) Phosphor bronze Nickel plating and a minimum of 50 micro inches of selective gold plating in contact area
IDC contacts (Low noise) Phosphor bronze Nickel plating and tin lead over plate
Printed circuit board

Two sided FR-4 epoxy resin/glass base with solder mask



 Features:  Benefits:
  • ETL Verified to Category 6 component standard
  • Center tuned design
  • Easy lace IDC housing
  • Easy to follow universal wiring label
  • Front removable
  • Standard TracJack footprint
  • Icon compatible, C6 Marking on jack face
  • Ensures standards compliance
  • Transparent interface with Clarity5E cords
  • Reduces wiring time
  • Quick and user-friendly, eliminates confusion
  • Less intrusive access for adds, moves, changes
  • Fits in all TracJack faceplates and housings
  • Supports 606 designation requirements