Two TracJack Modules, Phono/RCA to 110
OR-63700046 Specifications

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TracJack Modules

Pair of TracJack Modules, each provides a single RCA Phono jack with 110 termination (one red/one black). TracJack is a versatile single jack solution in a front-load footprint which allows a choice of up to six jacks/ connectors to fit in a single gang plate.

Category Performance/ Application RCA/Phono
Footprint TracJack
Number of Ports 2-port
Labeling & Identification YES
Height 0.92" (23.37 mm)
Width 0.73" (18.54 mm)
Depth 1.10" (27.94 mm)
Product Type or Accessory Connector


Construction Material Material
Plastic Series II Housing High Impact Thermoplastic ABS 94V-0  
Female RCA connectors One with red insulator, one with black insulator  
IDC contacts, 110 D2 Phosphor bronze Nickel plating and tin lead over plate
Printed circuit board Two-sided FR-4 epoxy resin/glass base with solder mask  


 Features:  Benefits:
  • RCA/110 connectors
  • Color-coded connectors
  • Front Removable
  • Rugged snap-in design
  • Supplied as pair
  • Provides quick cable termination
  • Provide identification
  • Less intrusive access for adds, moves, changes
  • Quick and easy
  • Serve two cable circuits