Nylon Cable Clamps


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  • This cable holder has a mounting hole for a 0.203" (standard No. 10 screw).
  • Strong, flexible, one-piece injection-molded cable clamp grommet construction
  • Cable clamp grommet is molded in open "V" position for easy cable or wire bundle insertion
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Part #DescriptionClosed DiameterQtyColorsPrice
CLPC025Cable Clamps - 1/4"1/4"10White, Black
CLPC050Cable Clamps - 1/2"1/2"10White, Black
CLPC025-100Cable Clamps - 1/4"1/4"100White, Black
CLPC050-100Cable Clamps - 1/2"1/2"100White, Black
CLPC075-100Cable Clamps - 3/4"3/4"100White, Black
CLPC100-100Cable Clamps - 1"1"100White, Black
CLPC125-100Cable Clamps - 1-1/4"1-1/4"100White, Black
CLPC150-100Cable Clamps - 1-1/2"1-1/2"100White, Black

Cable clamps provide one-piece bundling and mounting. Easy-to-read maximum bundle diameters are molded in. Smooth, rounded internal cable end clamp edges protect wire insulation and are safe and comfortable to work with. They are available in light-duty cable clamp nylon styles. Plastic cable clamps will not cut, bend or crush plastic tubing, as metal clamps can. They won't cause leaks, restrict or stop the flow of fluids. Using a nylon cable end clamp on metallic tubings, like copper or aluminum, eliminates the possibility of galvanic corrosion at such contact points.

Size A B C D Diagram
1/4" 0.250" 0.234" 0.409" 0.375" dimensions for cable clamps

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1/2" 0.500" 0.484" 0.592" 0.375"
3/4" 0.750" 0.735" 0.783" 0.500"
1" 1.000" 0.984" 0.908" 0.500"
1-1/4" 1.250" 1.227" 1.062" 0.500"
1-1/2" 1.500" 1.477" 1.187" 0.500"


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