Reference Corner

When no-frills facts are what you need, the Reference Corner is the place to be! In this section of our Learning Center, you’ll find all sorts of informative resources… glossaries full of technical definitions, product references to help you make smart purchases, military specs, assembly instructions and certification letters.


» Glossaries

If you’re searching for a technical definition that’s related to Braided Sleeving, Cable, Computers, Cord Covers, Electrical, Fiber Optics, Heat Shielding, Heat Shrink Tubing or Testing, you’re sure to find it in one of our 9 extensive glossaries.

Mil Specs
» Mil Specs

As you come across products that meet military specifications and other high-performance standards, it’s not always easy to guess what all the document numbers mean. That’s why we’ve compiled a set of definitions for the mil specs and industry standards that you’re most likely to come across. Simply look up the standard’s number in our list, and you’ll be provided with an easy-to-understand description for that specific code.

Ratings (UL, CSA, RoHS, etc)

Product References
» Product References

At, we understand that consumers like to be well educated about their purchases, and for this reason we’ve created a Product Reference section. Our comprehensive collection of spec sheets, usage instructions, product comparison tables and certificates is now available to you, our customer, so that you can make educated decisions and find products that are perfectly suited to your application!