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It's easy for the average adult to be oblivious to household cables, but small children and pets often find them fascinating enough to chew on, tug at or wrap around their necks. At, we receive a lot of inquiries from customers who want to know how they can child and pet proof household cables, in order to prevent them from becoming electrocution and strangling hazards. With a little creativity and a few smart products, would like to help you take some preventive measures that will protect your kids, pets, and your cables.



Experience Level: Beginner

Time Required: 1/2 hour - 2 hours (It depends on how perfect you want your space to look like

Steps: 4

Supplies: Wire Loom or Spiral Wrap; wire loom tool (optional); cord clips; Cable Turtles (optional), Cable Elevator, Cable Caddy, Adhesive Mounting Bases, Cable Ties, Mille-Ties, Cable Raceway (if needed)

Budget Estimate: $40 - $60




That's an easy one: Unplug all your cables!




Start to position and bundle your wires loosely … with adhesive-backed cord clips(under the desk to secure the bundles), Velcro straps and cables ties, so you get a general idea of the new placement of your cables above, behind and under your desk area. This will help you determine what diameter of wire loom, F6 Sleeving or other devices you require. Place your computer tower, screens, speakers, mouse, keyboard, and other peripherals as if you were performing a repair. Now you know how much cable you need to let loose for that very purpose. There is nothing more annoying than having to undo the wire management you did, aside from the fact that you may have a broken component.


photo of desk with various cable managment products




Measure your bundles … to determine how much, or what length and diameter you need for each product you are going to use. Allow an extra 10% as a margin of error. Cable Turtles.




Get down and dirty … with the installation. Be sure to use Mille-Ties to secure your ethernet cables, so as not to crush them and loose signal. To run cables vertically along the desk, use a Cable Elevator (see picture above). If your desk has a backing, you also may want to use a Cable Tunnel, Wiremate or Surface Raceway (be sure to paint theam the same color as your desk or wall or baseboard); it is a matter of preference. To secure small bundles of wires under the desk top, use adhesive mounting bases as your "anchors", then secure the bundles onto them with cable ties, Velcro straps. You can bypass the mounting bases and the tie wraps by using CableCatchers. Try to run the wires along desk legs, as they become less visible.




The final touch … Now is the time to disguize everything. In the picture above, wire loom was used to cover the wires that remained to be seen. Try to match the colors of your desk. If you use Red wire loom, then use red cable ties, red braided sleeving, paint your raceways red, get the picture. If the product does not come in the color you want, spray paint it!!! And voila!


Cable Caddy cord holder behind monitor flexible cable manager



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