How to Crimp a BNC Connector

BY: Christina Hansen

The below steps will show you how to crimp a BNC Connector to a coaxial cable.


Experience Level: Intermediate

Time Required: 1-2 minutes

Steps: 7

Supplies: BNC Connectors, Crimping Tool, Cable Stripper /Cable Cutter

Budget Estimate: $70 (excluding cables)

Step 1

Trim cable as shown using a stripping tool. Trim center conductor end at 45-degree angle.

cut end of coaxial cable
Step 2

Fold braid back

*NOTE: for quad shield cable cut off first foil and fold back second braid.

BNC connector insert onto coax cable
Step 3

Push connector onto cable twisting in a clockwise and counter-clockwise direction until cable dielectric is flush with connector mandrel face.

Step 4

Make sure "F" die head is in crimp tool.

bnc connector about to crimp
Step 5

Nest cable and connector into crimp tool

*NOTE: For right angle and female connector use no die head.

Step 6

Squeeze handle. Crimp tool is ratcheted and will release when compression is completed.

crimp tool compressing bnc connector
Step 7

Remove connector and cable from tool and give a pull (30 lbs) to assure proper termination.

finished BNC Connector


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