The Art and Magic of a Vutec Artscreen


Vutec ArtScreenDuring our home renovation, my husband and I purchased an Artscreen™ from Vutec Corporation, and had it installed in our bedroom. I love it…it’s so practical when you want to watch TV but don’t want to get out of bed!

After Vutec helped us determine the right Artscreen™ to suit our bedroom’s size, we selected artwork and framing from their extensive selection. We were even able to have a sample of the artwork printed, to ensure that the colors would match our bedroom décor. Vutec gave us some helpful recommendations for purchasing a plasma TV that would fit inside the Artscreen™ frame, and referred us to a certified installer (installing an Artscreen isn’t a DIY project).

We took advantage of fact that the bedroom wall was already being worked on, and installed the necessary structured cabling. (We used premium Monster Cables® … with such a nice system, why settle for mediocre cabling?) In addition, we installed a backboard, which now provides the wall with the extra strength it needs to support the plasma screen.

Since the motor that operates the Artscreen™ is from Lutron® and we already had a Lutron® system installed throughout the house, we just integrated the function into our existing Logitech® remote control. As a finishing touch, we had a custom-made drywall frame mounted around the installation, which allows for proper ventilation of the plasma TV and provides a smooth visual transition between our Artscreen™ and the wall.

Our Artscreen™ looks incredible. In addition to not having to stare at an unsightly 42" screen, artwork can be changed as often as we wish, and there is even the option to have screens made from custom art and family photo reprints. The Artscreen™ is one of the best features of our house!


Valerie Holstein
Valerie Holstein

Valerie Holstein, CEO


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