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BY: Cableorganizer

Kendall Howard is proud to carry products by Kendall Howard, a company known not only for their innovative, American-made Server Racks, Rack Accessories, and LAN Station Solutions, but also for their dedication to quality, speed-of-shipping, and dependably expert customer support. As a testament to Kendall Howard’s exceptional products and service, we’d like to share a few real-life stories, which demonstrate how the people and products of Kendall Howard have, quite literally, saved the day for many of their customers.

The Case of the Falling Switches

Not too long ago, a Kendall Howard representative responded to the distress call of small medical clinic in Canada. This clinic, which had a very small budget and no IT personnel, was experiencing a lot of trouble with their improperly housed network equipment. Because they didn’t know of a better solution, the clinic staff had placed the office’s LAN switches on top of a bookcase in their mailroom, and “managed” their network cables by jumbling them all into a large plastic bag attached to the bookcase’s side, with cables being fed out of the bag and up to the switches above.

The problem? The clinic’s $2500 LAN switches kept falling off the shelf, costing them a fortune in repair and replacement. To make matters worse, the switches weren’t the only things crashing…the entire network would repeatedly fail as well, due to improper equipment management.

The Kendall Howard representative recommended the following products to clinic staff, to solve their LAN component storage problem:

The clinic decided to go with Kendall Howard’s suggestions, and communication didn’t end as soon as the sales transaction was complete…when the order arrived in Canada, the clinic’s contact at Kendall Howard walked them through the product installation step-by-step, over the phone! For roughly 10% of the cost of the equipment they were repeatedly breaking, the clinic was able to not only purchase a permanent solution, but also received all the expert advice they needed to put the plan into action


The Case of the Really Fast Delivery

Kendall Howard also recently provided outstanding service to a Computer Lab that needed LAN stations on the double. The lab had just hastily placed a large order for computer equipment that was about to go off the market. Because the computers were ordered in such a spur-of-the-moment way, the lab techs had been unable to arrange ahead of time for the LAN stations needed to house the equipment.

The lab proceeded to place an order for several Kendall Howard LAN solutions, never dreaming that they would arrive in time to be set up to receive the incoming computer hardware. However, because Kendall Howard products are almost always available for same-day drop shipping, the lab actually received their Kendall Howard shipment before the previously placed computer order!

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