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1. Question:
I’m planning my home theater installation, and I can’t find a component video cable long enough to span the distance from the equipment rack to my screen. What should I do?

Answer: We know of a customer who, during a recent installation, was faced with a similar problem: a 70-foot stretch between his equipment rack and screen, which seemed impossible to span with cable! Fortunately, the customer was able to find a solution in the CAU5003 component video coupler from Quest. In addition to making it possible for the customer to cover the distance between his home theater components without expensive custom-made cables, this connector saved valuable installation time as well. Quest video component couplers also have the added benefit of color-coded splice modules, a feature which minimizes the risk of cross-connection errors.



2. Question:
I need to run a mass of cables behind a wall, and I’m looking for a solution to neatly cover up the holes from this project. What do you recommend?

Answer: We at think that a selection from Quest’s series of bulk-cable wall plates might be just the solution you’re looking for. These wall plates provide a wide-gap opening for cables to enter through, and at the same time conceal rough cuts made in sheetrock. In addition to being suitable for the running of large numbers of High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) and audio cables, Quest wall plates also make it possible for you to have an organized and professional-looking wall termination. These products are available in single or dual-gang widths, in your choice of White, Almond or Black.



3. Question:
Are there any wall plates available that combine voice/data cable jacks with video connectors?

There is indeed a wall plate of that description available, and it is manufactured by Quest. After receiving requests similar to yours from professional home theater installers, Quest developed their totally-integrated, multimedia Flush Mount Wall Plates, which incorporate molded Cat5e jacks with pre-mounted gold video connectors. Because all of their components are pre-mounted, these wall plates eliminate the need to assemble and carry separate parts, and cut installation time in half! Quest Flush Mount Wall Plates are available with single or dual-output video connectors, and come in shades of Black, Almond or Ivory.



4. Question:
I’ve been looking at your selection of audio/video connectors by Quest, and noticed that some of them are gold plated. Does the gold plating make a difference in the performance of these connectors?

Considering the fact that gold is the one of the best conductors in the world, there are some definite advantages to using connectors plated with it. In addition to offering superior connective properties, gold gives the least amount of electrical resistance, and fully maintains the purity of the signal being conducted through it. Gold has the added benefit of being corrosion-free, and the generous amount of plating on Quest’s connectors provides an extra measure of durability which will withstand multiple connects and disconnects.



5. Question:
The video cables in my home theater system aren’t transmitting very well, and they’re making my family’s viewing experience more frustrating than enjoyable! Can you suggest a more reliable cable that will help to end this problem?

It’s unfortunate that you had to find out through firsthand experience that a lot of the imported, molded F to F coaxial cables on the market are not of the highest quality! These cables are often cheaply produced, don’t have very good termination factors, and have been known to frustrate more than a few home theater installers with their unreliability. On the other end of the spectrum, we carry premium-quality F to F cables and assemblies by Quest, which feature RG6 single and quad-shield cables with weather-resistant compression connectors. When reliable, precision connections are a priority, you can count on these video cables from Quest to get the job done.

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