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check-inNow more than ever, it’s important to take extra care when packing for your travels. Although you may think that baggage checks are conducted only on carry-on luggage, this isn’t the case. Because of new regulations, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) reserves the right to open any luggage checked with airlines, and carries out this procedure on a regular basis to ensure the safety of travelers.

Keeping your luggage as organized as possible will make the contents of your suitcase easily visible to security personnel, and can prevent your belongings from being displaced more than necessary during potential baggage searches. To help you avoid suffering though any luggage-based fiascos, would like to share a few general packing principles to keep in mind when preparing for your next trip:

  • When you’re getting ready to pack, be sure to check current TSA guidelines for the most up-to-date baggage regulations.
  • Roll your clothes…doing so not only prevents wrinkling, but also saves space in your suitcase. When planning which clothes to bring, prevent yourself from packing unnecessary extra garments by keeping in mind that some items can be re-worn.
  • Keep a basic packing list on hand, and make necessary updates to it before each trip you go on. This ensures that you’ll remember all of your basic necessities, as well as any special items you might need at a particular destination.
  • Pack light. Bringing only what you need will help you avoid being bogged-down with extra luggage. Remember that you can usually purchase anything else a need may arise for once you’ve reached your destination, and besides… who doesn’t want an excuse to go shopping?
  • Since most luggage ends up being checked, be sure to carry-on a few small necessary items to tide you through, in the event that checked bags are lost or delayed.

You’ve probably discovered (through painful experience) that even when you map out all the major details, it never fails that a few less-obvious ones end up falling through the cracks. Since this is the way things always seem to go, we’d like to round out the above guidelines with a few finer points that might be helpful for you to consider:

  • Remember to bring a few plastic bags along… they’re inexpensive (or free), take up virtually no space in your luggage, and provide you with a simple and effective way to keep soiled clothing items separate from clean ones.
  • Car seat rentals. If you’ll be traveling by plane with small children, consider leaving bulky and cumbersome car seats at home. Before departing, contact the car rental agency at your destination to find out if they have children’s car seats available for rent. This service is commonly offered, and can save you the headache of lugging unnecessary items through the airport.
  • If you’re going to be taking a laptop with you… never check it! Be sure that the laptop is always included in your carry-on luggage, and prevent shoulder strain by investing in a rolling laptop bag. For easy connection to high-speed Internet while you’re on the road, take along a self-contained, retractable Ethernet cord.
  • When traveling internationally, don’t forget to pack… your passport, prescription medications, international electrical adaptors, chargers, and spare digital-camera memory.
  • If you’ll be traveling with important prescription medications… don’t put yourself at risk! Be sure to keep them on your person instead of packing them with your checked luggage. By keeping critical medications separate from suitcases that will be checked, you’ll ensure that it’s quickly and easily accessible, should a medical emergency arise while your luggage isn’t at hand.

Travel tips may be great, but sometimes you just need a little extra help in putting all that good advice into action. At, we can’t get enough of the products that help us get – and stay – organized. Allow us to suggest a few of our favorite travel-helpers:

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Label Makers. offers a variety of convenient handheld labelers from Dymo, Brother, and Brady, which make it simple to produce labels that will keep any closed containers in your baggage clearly-marked.
Velcro cable wraps… they’re also great for organizing luggage! Use them to fasten like items together, secure fragile belongings, or color-code the contents of your bag. Is your luggage fairly non-descript in appearance? If so, consider attaching a brightly colored Velcro cable wrap to your suitcase’s handle to set it apart from the others on the baggage carousel.
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