Quick Tip: Installing LC Connectors

BY: Christina Hansen

Fiber Optic CablesLC connectors are half the size of SC connectors, and are a great choice for high density applications. By replacing existing ST or SC connectors with LCs, your space or density may be doubled. If you are field-mounting these small connectors, here are a couple of installation suggestions:

  • Since the ferrule is half the size of ST or SC connectorsat 1.25", make sure you don’t apply too much pressure on the small end-face during the polishing process. This is critical, since fractures can occur at that time.
  • You should always follow the polishing procedures prescribed by the manufacturer, as they can differ from one OEM to another. Be sure to use the specific polishing paper, also known as lapping film, that they instruct to use. Failure to comply with this step will almost always result in catastrophic results on the final product.