Easy Steps for Protecting Cables from Toddlers

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Let's face it - kids tend to be drawn to electrical wires and cables!  They look at them in awe and wonder just before reaching to grab them for playing or eating.  If you have toddlers roaming the floors of your home, then it's time to do a reassessment of your cables and wires.  It's too risky to leave inviting cables within the reach of your small children.

Here are some pointers for protecting cables from toddlers and making each room child-safe.


Avoid Bright-Colored Cables

In the work place or public areas, cables and wires are often labeled by their brightness to warn of danger.  Unfortunately, bright-colored cables attract the eyes of little ones when used in the home. Children will see them and assume the cables are toys.

flexiduct cord protectorThere are cord protectors that come in a variety of colors so you can blend the protector with your decor colors. For instance, the Flexiduct Cord Protector comes in several neutral colors that can be blended with brown or beige, black, yellow, or white. These are also plain in design so they don't attract attention.


Keep Cables Neatly Tied in High Places

Protecting cables from little kids is easy if you keep all your wires up high. Toddlers, babies, and small children won't be able to reach them. If you prefer to tie your cables, use sturdy cable clamps, twist locks, and hooks to keep the cables neatly in place. Products such as the Cable Clamp help you bundle several cables into one neat arrangement for easy organization. Then you can hide away the cables using Cable P-Clamps for bundling and mounting.


Protecting Cables from Tripping

safcord cable coverAs kids run and play, they usually pay no attention to cables and wires on the floor. To prevent tripping, secure your cables with cable covers that will remain stationary on the floor and will also endure child's play.  If your wires run across loop carpet or Berber carpet, the SafCord Cord Cover might be your best solution. It provides protection for your cables without harming your carpet and can even be used on stairs.  On the stairs, you can run cables down the side wall of the stairs or secure them on the individual stairs without the cables becoming tangled or a tripping hazard.

Protecting cables from toddlers doesn't have to be complicated if you have the right tools. Use the tips above to child-proof your electric wires and cables and keep your children safe in every room of your home.

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