How to Hurricane Proof Your Most Precious and Irreplaceable Possessions with Pelican

BY: Christina Hansen


Hurricane proofing your valuables and possessions with Pelican cases before the hurricane strikes can really help to improve the chances of your possessions remaining safe and secure until the storm passes.
Hurricanes are powerful weather formations that can be devastating depending on the type, area, and strength of the storm cell. Usually when a hurricane strikes it can cause devastation to homes, lives, and valuable possessions when a person is not prepared beforehand. It can leave huge costs in repairing or replacing possessions that have become damaged or lost.


What Are Pelican? Cases?  
Pelican cases are specially designed cases constructed with tough, heavy duty material that can withstand against a multitude of onslaughts from disastrous situations including a fires, tornados, or hurricanes.
Made in a variety of sizes, these cases are highly recommended to anyone who needs to keep their valuables secure in an airtight, crushproof and weatherproof case for safety. Used for large to small items, they can cater for a variety of goods from rifles, desktop computers to even the smallest memory cards.
 Safe, compact, and versatile these cases come in a variety of colors (depending on the case of course).
 Pelican cases can dramatically save you from hefty replacement costs resulting from damaged valuables and helps to keep all your prized possessions such as phones, birth certificates, photos, paper documents, computers, jewelry and irreplaceable possessions safe while the hurricane passes.


Types Of Pelican? Cases
Pelican cases area recognized world-wide as a strong and sturdy investment. Valuables come in many sizes and there is a matching pelican case for the job. Cases are available in micro cases, Netbook cases, E-reader cases, tablet cases, small cases, medium cases, and large cases.

micro Pelican caseMicro Cases
Micro cases are smaller casings that are suitable for phones, jewelry, photos, and folded documents. Available in a variety of colors and sizes. Small and portable so that you can take them with you when a hurricane evacuation as been issued.
Some micro cases, including the 1030 micro case can easily withstand being crushed by debris or a truck up to 5000 lb in weight, and withstand temperatures of -23° C to +93° C.
small yellow Pelican caseSmall Cases
Small Pelican cases are designed to keep slightly larger items such as a laptops, birth certificates, stocks and bonds safe in a hurricane. These cases are padded, and can help prevent scratches from forming on irreplaceable items. Just like the micro cases above the small are air tight and padded  to help to reduce the damage caused from water leaks and flash flooding where homes are located in the lower levels near creeks or rivers.
medium-sized Pelican caseMedium Cases
The additional padding found on the medium cases are ideal for use where breakable items need extra protection. Medium cases are great for storing first edition books, pictures, tools and other valuables that can’t be taken with you in an evacuation. Medium cases can be left secured inside the home, and can be locked so that no objects can become loose and lost.
Large Pelican protective caseLarge Cases
Large Pelican cases come in a variety sizes that can cater awkwardly sized items including rifles, desktop computers, printers, recording equipment, filming equipment and small Televisions. These large cases have a padded inner layer to keep possessions protected from movement, scratches, and water damage. Heavy duty construction allows for the case to withstand a large amount of weight as when a house collapses, and can be easily be secured within the home so that it can be retrieved at a later date.



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