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What's special about these wire wrapping tools?

  • Creates a connection that is less apt to fail than those created with a solder or heat gun
  • Each wrapper provides ten revolutions per squeeze, meaning you are not repeating the same twisting motion over and over, which may lead to carpal tunnel syndrome
  • With several models to chose from, each made of a different material, you can select the tool that meets your needs
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The Jonard OK Industries Manual Wire Wrapping Tools assure you of precise reliable wire wraps and are available as an aluminum wire wrapping gun, Lexan® wire wrapping gun, insulated wire wrapping gun and the newly introduced wire wrapping tool with LED flashlight attached.

Part #DescriptionShipping DimensionsPrice
OKI-G100-R3278Aluminum Manual Wire Wrapping Tool1.0" D x 5.5" W x 5.5" H
OKI-G100-R3278FLInsulated Manual Wire Wrapping Tool with Flashlight1.0" D x 5.5" W x 6.0" H
  • Wire wrapping is an excellent alternative to soldering because it is easier to remove in the event of a failure or breakdown of your previous connections
  • Accommodates wire sizes from 18 AWG (1.00mm) thru 32 AWG (0.20mm) using our full range of interchangeable wire wrapping bits and sleeves
  • Ideal for use on production lines or on job sites
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Made in the USA  USA


Aluminum Wire Wrapping Tool (G100/R3278)aluminum wire wrapper

This is one heavy duty, dependable and ruggedly constructed wire wrapping tool. The aluminum provides you with the assuredness that you have a tool that can withstand extreme environments.

Insulated Wire Wrapping Tool (G100/R3278FL)insulated wire wrap tool and flashlight

This tool is the combination of the OKI-G100/R3278INS with an LED flashlight for task lighting when wire wrapping under difficult environments.

Insulated Wire Wrapping Tool (G-100/R3278INS)insulate wire wrap tool

This is a manual wire wrapping tool that combines the rugged durability of all-metal construction with the safety of an insulated housing. The tool is coated with an insulating material that provides 1000V dielectric strength, and when used in combination with the bits and insulated sleeves, helps to prevent shorting between the pins of main distributing frames and other equipment.

Lexan® Wire Wrapping Tool (G200/R3278)Lexan wire wrap tool

This tool is ideal if you need a lightweight, durable, and lower cost wire wrapping tool. Lexan® is a durable thermoplastic which is a brand name of GE.

Flashlights (G100-FL / G100-FLA)flashlight

These flashlights are compatible with the wire wrapping tools, which means it adds the convenience of task lighting to your wire wrapping gun. Mounted on a bracket, these attachments install in minutes and provide task lighting for those poorly lit areas. The flashlight is positioned for both 3" and 5" bits & sleeves so there is never a need for adjustments.


Part # Wire Size Shipping Dimensions
OKI-G100-R3278 18 AWG (1.00mm) thru 32 AWG (0.20mm) 1.0" D x 5.5" W x 5.5" H
OKI-G100-R3278FL 18 AWG (1.00mm) thru 32 AWG (0.20mm) 1.0" D x 5.5" W x 6.0" H






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